September 1st, 2017
Vol. 1, Issue 3
Dear Lakeside Community,

It's hard to believe that we already finished with our second week of school and the month of September has already begun. I have to tell you, it has been a pleasure getting to know your students since school has started. Seeing them in the morning, visiting their classrooms, and talking with them during their breaks is an absolute pleasure for me.

We are bringing school spirit back! Starting September 8th, and every Friday until the end of the year, will be Spirit Friday. All students are encouraged to wear Lakeside shirts (Shirts can be from previous events, new ones purchased from Lakeside Foundation, or school colors). School colors are Red and White! The classroom with the most spirit wins bragging rights for the following week.

Please make sure your student has plastic utensils in their lunch. Many students have asked the office for utensils this week.

Message from 4th/5th Grade - The 4th and 5th graders will be collecting money donations for victims of Hurricane Harvey. We have researched ways to support the victims and have found that donating money is the best thing we can do. The class has decided to send the donations to the Red Cross.
A container will be put in the office and posters will be made to encourage all students to participate and to encourage their parents, families, and friends to donate also. 

Student Representatives - Beginning with September's board meeting, we will have 5th grade student representatives speak at each board meeting. They will report on school activities, things they are learning, and upcoming events. It's a great way to encourage our soon to be middle schoolers to work on their public speaking.

Foundation  -  Parents interested in ordering pizza lunch for their students need to do so by September 1st. There are also MANY opportunities to volunteer at school with our Lakeside Foundation, from hot lunch to classroom assistance to helping manage events and more. If you are interested, please contact our Lakeside Foundation leaders.

Supervision Before School -  Our staff begins supervision at 8 am. If your child is here before 8 am, they need to be closely supervised by you. Our goal is to keep students safe and if they arrive early or are playing unsupervised, we can’t maintain the secure and safe environment that all of our children need.

Supervision After School  -  School ends at 2:40 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and at 1:15 on Wednesday. We have had a few students remain in the office since school has started. Please make sure that your student is picked up on time.

Camp Campbell - is available for after school care. For more information, please contact YMCA Camp Campbell Office or call 408-395-5125.

Attendance - If your child arrives to school after 8:20 a.m. please make sure you sign them into the office before asking them to join their class.

Parent Information - If you are going to be on campus for any reason please make sure you sign-in with the office first. This helps us ensure we know who is on our campus at all times for the safety of all students and staff. If you would like to meet with a teacher please email them for a scheduled time. They would be able to schedule time with you before or after school when they are not teaching or preparing for the day. Please allow the teacher up to 48 hours to respond to your email.

Measure A
Independent Citizen Oversight Committee (ICOC)

District Accountability: The purpose of the ICOC is to ensure that parcel tax proceeds are spent as promised. District voters passed measure A on March 7, 2017. The purposes approved by the voters are specified in Lakeside Board
Resolution #16/17-03, and the Measure A ballot language contained in
the voter pamphlet.

The ICOC will monitor the expenditures of these funds by the District
and will report on an annual basis to the Board and community on how
these funds have been spent.

Procedure: The ICOC will base its findings upon the report of the District’s
independent auditor and the ICOC report filed by the District CBO in
accordance with California Government Code Sections 50075.1 and
50075.3. The report shall be presented at a regularly scheduled
meeting of the Board of Trustees beginning in 2018.

ICOC Composition and Term: The ICOC may consist of up to three members selected by a majority vote of the Board of Trustees at a regularly scheduled meeting.Members of the ICOC will be appointed to serve a term ending on the expiration or renewal of Measure C. Vacancies will be filled by the Board in the same manner.

Interested persons may apply for service on the ICOC by submitting a
letter to the Board containing a statement of the reason for interest.
Submitted letters should include the name, address and phone number of
the interested person. Selection will be made at the Regular Board
Meeting on November 1, 2017. Mail your letter to Lakeside Joint School
District c/o Susan Ady, no later than October 27, 2017 .
I wish you a restful 3 day weekend!

Shammy Karim
Upcoming Events
September 4th - HOLIDAY
September 6th - School Board Meeting
September 6th - Paxti's Pizza Dine-Out
September 8th - Movie Night
September 11th - Lakeside Foundation Meeting
September 13-14 - School Pictures
 19621 Black Road Los Gatos, CA (408) 354-2372