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Second Sunday after Pentecost
Week of June 6, 2021
This week at Emmanuel...
  • June 5: Worship @ 5pm
  • June 6: Worship @ 8:30am and 10am (aBRIDGEd)
  • June 6: Coffee Fellowship between worship services
  • June 8: Torah Tuesdays w/Donna Batchelor @10am
  • June 9: Widow's Luncheon @ 12noon
  • June 10: Thursdays Together @10am
  • June 11: Centering Prayer @9:30am

This weekend we will return to a liturgical and an abrIdged service. Our Saturday service and the 8:30am Sunday service will be more traditional and the 10am Sunday service will be our aBRIDGEd service. A little step toward more normalcy.
Use your phone to SIGN-IN for worship!!
As you know, we are eliminating the "red books" and going to an online method for worship SIGN-IN. We need this information to help us identify members who might need a care call and for synod reporting at the end of the year relating to the demographics of those worshiping with us.

There are 3 ways to SIGN-IN:
  1. Through the link in text message you receive each week OR
  2. Through the link below in each week's eNews OR
  3. Through our website www.emmanuel-elca.org

You can SIGN-IN at anytime -- even on your way to worship or while sitting in the pew. It's so easy to do!!!

There will be a place available in the Narthex to sign-in if you are unable to do so online.
Stay after the 8:30 worship or come early to the 10:00 worship as Coffee Fellowship has returned Sundays at the round tables outside the Fellowship Hall.

Click below to help Mary Ann Barsness with this in June.

JoAnn is graduating from Venice High School and plans on taking a gap year to travel and work on her art. Her plans include leaving for Albania on August 3rd, then going to Greece and pending other countries opening their borders; she plans on heading to Slovakia and Italy. She is an artist and enjoys painting, drawing, designing costumes, acting, and creating things that bring her joy. She hopes her travels will inspire her to grow as an artist. Once she returns, she plans on attending school for Art Therapy or Psychology
My friend sent me an inspiring video of a Memorial Day bicycle ride that he participated in this week. The video showed the path the bikers took with various pictures at different mile markers. It showed the smiling faces of the bikers and the joy they experienced as they followed the path up and down the Gulf Coast through the cities and neighborhoods. Even though my friend has had two very heart wrenching accidents he still loves being out on his bicycle. He is determined and does not let fear hinder the happiness he experiences, and it is reflected in his life.  His enthusiasm makes me want to get back on my bike and go for a ride.
All of us are on a lifelong faith journey that takes us on various paths that might be difficult or fearful.  Many of our members travel up north during the summer months and others go on vacations to destinations that bring them joy.  It is not always the destination that matters, but the journey along the way.  In our faith journey we can overcome our fear with God’s strength and can use the time to grow in our relationship with God. We are assured as Nehemiah encouraged those in exile stating, “The joy of the Lord is our strength.” We can move forward each day without fear knowing God goes with us. Share the ups and downs of your faith journey and inspire those you encounter throughout this summer and beyond.  
From Giving to God by Mark Allan Powell:

"Although the Bible encourages generosity, there are also many passages that indicate something else is more important that giving away our money: 
Justice, kindness, humility, mercy, faith, caring for one’s family members, the love of God and Love."

Thus, stewardship is more than money, and faithful stewards seek to please God in how they live as well as how they give
Post pandemic reopening gives us an opportunity to re-examine many of our daily activities and the ways we serve God through Emmanuel and our community ministries. It is a good time to look at our Outreach ministry opportunities; joining one of our existing ministry teams or proposing a new ministry you have a particular interest in.

Currently active Outreach ministries include Coffee Talk volunteers continuing to faithfully provide lunches to the homeless at the Venice Train Depot two days a week; Emmanuel hosted Family Promise week May 9 – 15, delivering meals to the family sheltering in the Family Promise Day Center; support to Pastor Livenson Lauvanus in Haiti; and various collections of food and financial support for designated local charities. As we re-open to more activities this summer and fall, we are looking at renewing the Friendship Meals ministry to better serve our members and local community.

The Nominating Committee and Council continue their search for a chair for the Outreach Committee. We hope to be able to announce one soon. Your energy and time are welcome! Just let the Office know you would like a call to find out more about Outreach ministry opportunities.

Karen Storey

***NOTE: All donations for the South County Food Pantry can be placed on the cart in the Narthex.
Barb's Medical Minute
I bet that most of us have our medications in our bathrooms, right? Well, this is not the best place for them because of the high humidity in a bathroom from steamy showers. This is because moisture can accelerate the breakdown of medications. 

So where to keep them so you remember to take them? Pick a spot that you frequent daily. Maybe a decorative box on your dresser by your deodorant, or in the kitchen by your coffee pot. How about by your computer or next to your favorite chair?

Any place you can store them where you’ll easily remember to take them is important.
Upcoming Events and Opportunities:
Early Communion

Pastor Hall will be giving instruction on taking communion. If you have a child you would like to receive communion, please contact the office.
Our homebound members would like to receive communion. Volunteers are needed to help distribute communion to them. Please call the church office if you are interested in bringing communion to these people that are unable to come to church or if more information is needed.
Florida Women of the ELC (FLWELCA)
Girls and Women’s Lake Yale Fall Gathering Retreat
WELCA Board members invite you to learn about and consider attending the Fall Gathering at the beautiful Lake Yale Baptist Convention Center in Leesburg, Fl. The Gathering is to be held on November 12-14, 2021. The theme for 2021 is, “Faith Can Move Mountains.” This is a perfect time for Moms and daughters or friends to spend a lovely weekend by the lake in fellowship with women from throughout Florida and beyond. Registration information will be online by June 1, 2021 at www.flwelca.com. The price for the retreat, which includes two nights and six meals, is $224.00. The deadline for registrations is August 31, 2021. Scholarship forms (Share the Spirit Grant – Adult Scholarship) and (Let Your Light Shine - Scholarship for Youth) are available in the church office or at www.flwelca.com on June 1. Emmanuel’s WELCA will also provide scholarships.

Contact Birdie Clark, WELCA Membership Chair, at birdiclark48@aol.com, Marlyce Holbach, WELCA President at drmholbach@gmail.com or Kathie Winemiller, Deborah Circle Chair at kpwinemiller2@gmail.com if you would like additional information about registration and /or the scholarships for girls and women to attend the Fall Gathering. Emmanuel’s women will also provide scholarships.
Embark on an epic quest through hidden ruins, ancient caves, and dense jungles. At Treasured VBS, kids dig into action-packed, faith-filled adventures. They’ll discover God’s greatest treasure isn’t diamonds, gems, or gold–it's them! Click the button below to view an introduction video and for online registration for both kids and volunteers.
Volunteers are still needed to help with VBS. Contact the office or me at nsperry@emmanuel-elca.org. Thanks for your support of VBS.

Nick Sperry, Youth Director
Explore Centering Prayer to enrich your prayer life. Birdie Clark leads this group for those new to Centering Prayer as well as those who have perhaps practiced before on Fridays at 9:30am. All are welcome!

Please email or phone Birdie if you are interested or have questions at birdieclark48@aol.com or 941.488.4360.
In Our Prayers...
Dottie Bradley, Jon Fusselman, Ethan McKee, Kristin Kozee, and Lin Mertens.

Prayers are offered to the friends and family of Dennis Fales who passed away May 22. Service plans are pending.
Thru September Now Open!
Click the links below to reserve your date to remember or honor a loved one or a special event by sponsoring the Altar Flowers or Eternal Candle. Please submit your dedication and payment no later than 2 weeks prior to your reserved date. If you have any questions or are unable to sign-up online, contact the office.
Readings for This Week
June 6
Second Sunday after Pentecost
Genesis 3:8-15
Psalm 130
2 Corinthians 4:13-5:1
Mark 3:20-35
June 13
Third Sunday after Pentecost
Ezekiel 2:1-5
Psalm 92:1-4,12-15
2 Corinthians 5:6-10 [11-13]14-17
Mark 4:26-34
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