Sunday, June 7, 2020

Dear Parents,

We have many things to celebrate.

2020 Graduations

I had the pleasure to attend SIX fantastic Early Childhood Zoom Graduations. It was great that the teachers, aides, students, and parents made these graduation ceremonies extraordinary. There were cheers of joy as our youngest students graduated. We are so proud of them! Check out a quick video and some great pictures on our website and our Facebook page .

While we wait to formally recognize the Class of 2020 in August, here are two heartwarming videos of our students and families. Our first video is of our Class of 2020, highlighting our eighth-grade students as younger students and now. Our second video has teachers, staff, and parents/families congratulating the Class of 2020. We are so proud of an extraordinary class who graduated during an extraordinary time. Congrats to our Class of 2020!

Report Card Pick Up Days are this Wednesday and Thursday

A reminder that we will be having our Report Card pick up on Wednesday, June 10, and Thursday, June 11. The day of the week and time you originally scheduled for last week remains reserved for you unless you logged into the Sign-Up Genius and changed your appointment. You may log into the Sign-Up Genius to verify or update your appointment time; just click on your campus link: St. Barbara Campus  or St. Therese Campus

Below are some things to keep in mind for Report Card Pick Up Day:

  • Gather your child(ren)’s textbooks together at least one day before so you don’t find yourself searching for textbooks.

  • If applicable, locate your child(ren)’s Chromebook(s) AND chargers. Plug them in the night before so they are fully charged. Chromebooks will be turned on to test if they are running properly. 

  • Put all Chromebook(s), charger(s), and textbooks together the night before so these materials can easily be gathered when heading out for your appointment time.

  • Remember to bring and wear a mask for your appointment.

  • Enter the school building at your scheduled time. You should allow enough time to drive to school and park. Parents are permitted to park in the school parking lot but only during your appointment time. Children (including students) are NOT allowed in the school building. 

  • Bring textbooks, Chromebooks & chargers, and pick up your child(ren)’s report card(s) at the designated tables. The room and procedures are set up for timely and efficient exchanges to ensure the health and safety of everyone in the building. 

  • Please leave the school building as soon as you finish so that other parents are able to keep their appointments on time. As much as we would like to catch up and socialize with each other, it jeopardizes keeping the schedule on track and increases any potential health risks.

Summer School Programs

Summer School Program registrations for our Grades 1-6 Virtual Summer School program and Grades 7-8 Test Prep program have begun. The May 29th Principal Update provides information about these programs. Click for the Summer School Programs Sign-Up form. The demand for these summer programs has been good but space is limited. Consider providing your child(ren) the opportunity for summer learning so they are better prepared for school in the fall. 

Fall Student Registration

If you haven’t already done so, please register your child now for this fall. Previous emails have described our new registration process. Below are links to those previous emails.

  • Re-Registration (For parents with children attending St. Therese in 2019-2020.)

  • Set Up a Tuition Online Payment Plan on FACTS (For parents with children attending St. Therese this fall.) Soon after your registration is submitted, you will receive email notifications from FACTS regarding payment. Note: Setting up the tuition online payment plan is same as it was in the 2019-20 school year.

  • Magnus Health (Parents must complete all student information requested and upload student health records before school starts.)

The sooner you register your child(ren) for this fall, the more likely your child’s seat at St. Therese can be guaranteed. Some of registration steps take more time than others. For example, a doctor’s visit/appointment might be necessary to obtain medical forms or exams needed to complete all health record requirements to attend school. Other requ ired steps include setting up your FACTS account (renewed each year) for your registration deposit and first installment payment.

Email our staff at for any assistance you might need but do start as soon as possible so you are able to complete all steps before seats in your child’s classroom are filled or school begins.

"Stand by Me" Video

Ms. Lofton, Mr. Tooles, and our students have put together a wonderful video where they sing the Ben E. King song Stand by Me to remind us that we stand together in meeting any challenge. Thank you to our students, parents, and staff who made this video possible. It is so beautiful that it brought me to tears. So much worth viewing!

Outlook for the Fall and Closing Message

We are hoping and now preparing for at-school/in-person learning this fall for all students, from pre-kindergarten to eighth-grade. We anticipate an important announcement very soon from the Cardinal and the Archdiocese and will share those details with you soon thereafter. 

This will be the last Principal Update email for this school year. All previous Principal Update emails are available on our website under Families menu -> Newsletters .

I will share any news through special emails and posts on our website. I hope all of you have a fun and restful summer.

We WILL welcome everyone back on Monday, August 24!

Take care and be well,
Ms. Lisa Deborah Oi
Check us out at:
   St. Therese Campus: 247 W. 23rd Street, Chicago, IL 60616   
St. Barbara Campus: 2859 S. Throop Street, Chicago, IL 60608