Comet Connection | Week of Nov.12, 2023

Ms. Carter's 1st Grade Class gets the vote for most patriotic on Election Day this past week!! They paraded around the neighborhood waving the

flag and singing, and then they voted for their favorite helper!

We've had some beautiful weather this week and Ms. Howell's class always loves a nature walk! On Thursday, they enjoyed the grounds at the VMFA! A Comet favorite on pretty days!

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Let's Plan for a Great Week!

Monday, Nov. 13th

  • Advanced Giving for our Annual Day of Giving (on Nov. 28th - #GivingTuesday)
  • Deadline for Grandparent's Day RSVP's and Mail from Grandparents unable to attend) - Questions? Email

Tuesday, Nov. 14th

Friday, Nov. 17th - It's Grandparent's Day! Details below!

  • 10:30am School Mass immediately followed by Veteran's Day Salute
  • 12:30pm EARLY DISMISSAL from School. NO LUNCH. (ASE is available until 6pm but please call in advance to ensure space if you are not on an ASE contract. ASE students must bring lunch.)

Planning Ahead:

  • November 20-24, School Closed for Thanksgiving Break
  • November 28, Day of Giving & Service!! Wear your HOUSE SHIRT!

For Comet Clubs & Sports Schedule - CLICK HERE FOR OUR CALENDAR!

PTO Volunteer Needs Coming Up THIS WEEK

(We encourage all families to have at least 10 PTO Hours completed by Jan. 1st)

PTO Uniform Swap, THIS TUESDAY: We need volunteers to help us set up tables and display the uniforms, assist shoppers finding sizes etc and help putting the uniforms away and breaking down tables. Volunteers MUST be Virtus trained.

Grandparent's Day, THIS FRIDAY: Please volunteer to help with our cherished Grandparents Day celebration. We need assistance with setting up and breaking down tables and chairs, food service, classroom tours and handing out programs in church.

Principal's Corner

Eucharistic Revival

Many of you may not have heard that the bishops of the United States announced a 3-year Eucharistic Revival for the Catholic Church, which started on June 19, 2022, the Feast of Corpus Cristi. "Our world is hurting. We all need healing, yet many of us are separated from the very source of our strength. Jesus Christ invites us to return to the source and summit of our faith: his Real Presence in the Eucharist. The National Eucharistic Revival is a movement to restore understanding and devotion to this great mystery here in the United States." The 3-year revival will conclude with a National Eucharistic Congress July 17-21, 2024 in Indianapolis. At St. Benedict, we celebrate the Eucharist as part of Mass each Friday. Parents are always welcome to join us. In addition, the entire school has a quarterly opportunity to pray with the Blessed Sacrament. We invite parents to join us for Eucharistic Adoration during our school time or commit to serving as a First Friday Adorer for one hour each month at St. Benedict Parish (email Alice DiFazio at It's truly an amazing hour with Our Lord.


All the St. Benedict Fall sports have now ended, and I want to take a moment to thank our amazing coaches! We are so grateful for your gift of time and talent to our students which allowed us to offer teams in 5th-8th grade flag football, 5th-8th grade cross country, and JK-4th grade soccer this Fall. We couldn't do it without you!

Shawn Doran

Tony Douglas

Tom Houghton

Susan Long

Mike Mariscalco

Mark Mikkelson

Colby Miller

Ashley Poerstel

Richard Ramos

Mack Rich

Miesha Vargas

Grandparent's Day is THIS FRIYAY!

We emailed invitations to all grandparents whose emails were provided to us by Oct. 31st. If your grandparent did not receive an invitation for Grandparent's Day, please share the invitation link with them:



Because space will be very limited at the school, only our Grandparents are invited to attend the Coffee & Classroom Visits (unless physical assistance is required). 

Parents, please understand that our grandparents only have this one special day and their actual time visiting the classroom is, at most, 45 minutes, and that's if they don't have multiple classes to visit. If your child does not have a grandparent visiting, please make sure to let your child know that ahead of time and be sure that a letter has been sent in for your child to open that day. Letters are due to the front office no later than Monday, Nov. 13th, so please plan now. You can also sign up below to volunteer at Grandparents Day - help is needed.

The most special part of the day will be the Mass and Veteran's Day Salute, which we hope parents will attend because your child has been practicing their part for weeks. It's very important they are present and part of their class and school performance whether or not they have grandparents attending that day.

Grandparent's Day is a 12:30pm dismissal for all students. 

If you are not in attendance at the performance and would like to have your student leave with their Grandparents from the Church, you must send in a permission slip to their teacher (who will release them to their Grandparents at the Church). Teachers must have notification from parents prior to Grandparents Day.


Email us at

or call (804)254-8850


Click below - help is needed and its a great way to help our Grandparents (and kids) have a wonderful visit!

Grandparents Day Volunteers Needed! CLICK HERE!

Day of Giving & Service

Click Here to Check Out our Giving Page!

Day of Giving & Service

Please mark your calendar for this year's Day of Giving & Service at St. Benedict - Tuesday, Nov. 28th, otherwise known as #GivingTuesday! This is always a special day for our school community to come together to support an important need of our school financially, while our children serve the needs of our greater RVA community. Last year's Day of Giving kicked off the final push for the new playground - and look how blessed we have been!

This year our Day of Giving goal is to raise $25,000 to help fund upgrading our school's security, access controls and monitoring system - a vital and worthy investment! Advanced giving will begin TOMORROW Monday, November 13th and conclude at midnight on Nov. 28th.

Here's what we're asking our Comet Community to do:

  1. Make a donation. It's no the amount - its the participation and our goal is 100%! You can send in a check made out to the school and in the memo line put "Day of Giving". OR you can use the link below to make a gift online. Diocesan schools are using the #iGiveCatholic platform, as we have in the past, to track our progress, recognize our donors, and engage in some friendly competition with our sister schools. All gifts (check or online) will be tracked on our site.
  2. Consider being a FUNDRAISER. This is a wonderful way to help spread the word to your friends and family about our amazing little school and enlist their help. Just click the FUNDRAISE button on our site HERE. At a minimum, share our link with family and friends to enlist their support.
  3. ARE YOU ABLE TO MAKE A GIFT CHALLENGE to help garner support from our community? (For example: Mr. & Mrs. Smith pledge to match the first $5,000 received, dollar for dollar OR Mr. & Mrs. Smith pledge to give $2,500 once the community raises $10,000.) These are each wonderful ways to help motivate and drive support for our new security system! If you would like to learn more about becoming a Challenge Gift Maker, please reach out to Mrs. Ridgely at asap.
Click Here to Give!

Growing in Our Faith

We all desire wealth, fame, power and success. We are made that way, by God, for a reason, but has that desire been hijacked and misdirected? Which do I desire more: all the treasures this world has to offer, or all the treasures God has to offer? Which one do I trade my life for? Jesus says, "do not store up treasures on Earth, but treasures in heaven", let's work to build treasure in heaven. Check out the latest video from Catholic Internet Evangelist IMBeggar.

After School Enrichment (ASE)

After School Enrichment (ASE) is available for all students Grades JK-8th from 3-6pm on a regular basis (contract) or by drop-in/reservation. THIS YEAR there are a limited number of spaces available daily, so If you do not have a contract agreement for ASE, please email Pam Autry at no later than 9am on the day requested and she will need to confirm that drop-in space is available. ASE is available every school day during the year, including 12:30pm early dismissals, except December 20th, March 28th and June 5th. Feel free to call or email the office with questions.

Substitute Teachers Needed at SBCS

Saint Benedict School is looking for substitute teachers for the 2023-2024 academic year. Applicants should have their college degree and will have a background check performed as part of the application process. Please contact Sean Cruess or Pam Autry at 804-254-8850 if you are interested. Thank you!

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