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Congratulations to IH Mock Trial Team and Coaches

Congratulations to the Indian Hills Mock Trial team for improving to 2-0 with their victories over Lyndhurst and Northern Highlands at Bergen County Courthouse.  Led by attorneys Fiona Fatuova, Angelina Zeledon, Grant Asgarian, and Pauline Tsui, witnesses Sofia Hasan, Yann Simantov, Kate Giletta, Joe Corcoran, Carolina Viera, and Catherine Carpenter, and coached by Mr. Luke and Ms. Schwager, the team advanced to the next round of the county competition which will be held on Tuesday night.

Congratulations IH Academic Decathlon Team & Coaches

Please congratulate the Indian Hills Academic Decathlon team for winning Second Place at this weekend’s Region II Competition, and for advancing to the State Finals on March 4!

Competing on our Regular Team, and winning First Place in the Super Quiz event, were: Cece Dadarwala, our team captain, Alexandra Mazur, our assistant captain, Kylee Kublin, Catherine Carpenter, Aayush Parekh, Ian Wuensch, Ethan Bar-Nadav, and Andrew Jabaly.

Competing as Alternates were: Christine Peng, Raina Saini, Deana Syrneva, Emma Graffanino, Stephany Baik, James Sabino, Thomas Wuensch, Sabrina Adams, and Carolina Viera. 

The Team was coached by Mr. Paravati and Mr. Murphy.

For the Honors Division:

  • Cece Dadarwala won silver medals for speech and interview, a bronze for literature, and an honorable mention for art. 
  • Alexandra Mazur won gold medals in art and literature, silver medals in music and social science, and a bronze medal for economics. She was also the second highest scorer in the region in the Honors Division. 

For the Scholastic Division:

  • Catherine Carpenter won a bronze medal for interview.
  • Aayush Parekh won a gold medal for speech and a bronze medal for economics. Aayush’s speech was also the highest scoring speech in Region II. 
  • Ian Wuensch won a bronze medal for literature.

For the Varsity Division:

  • Ethan Bar-Nadav won silver medals in economics, music, and interview. Ethan was the third highest scorer in the region in the Varsity Division. 
  • Andrew Jabaly won a gold medal in interview, and bronze medals in art and math. 

The scoring for Alternates was not completed in time for the dinner, but we will share them when they become available!

Our sincere thanks to the IH faculty who helped students with their interviews and volunteered at the competition! 

Please join us at Westwood Regional High School to support the team as we compete in the State Finals on March 4! Thank you for your support!

Please join us in congratulating Jaclyn Kotora for her recent recognition with the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers. Jaclyn received Honorable Mention in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards for two art submissions and a written work. These are remarkable achievements. 

Several prominent artists received similar recognition as a teenager including Andy Warhol.  

The art department is so proud of Jaclyn's dedication to her craft and her vision. During Jaclyn's four years in art classes, she has contributed to making the art wing a welcoming and creative community for students and faculty. 

Thank you to Art Teacher Mrs. Kimberly Batti-Valovina for this amazing news!

On Tuesday, January 31st, Teachers & Supervisors of the elective areas described our various elective programs to the students during their gym class in order to introduce them to the variety of options that they have available to them for scheduling next year. Parts of our drum line and choir performed for the students to preview what they could be part moving into next year. 

Food Truck Festival in Spanish 2CP

Students in Señora de Diego’s Spanish 2CP class completed their MP 2 Integrated Performance Assessments.  An Integrated Performance Assessment (IPA) engages the students in the 3-modes of communication: interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational. After researching authentic cuisine, developing a menu and creating a food truck, the students participated in an activity where they visited each other’s food trucks and engaged in improvised conversations.  Each improvised conversation focused on a different scenario; for example, reviewing the menu for a vegan option, asking the food truck employee for a dietary substitution or buying and enjoying food items.  This is just another example of how the students are learning to use their language skills in everyday life.

Ramapo Athletic Update

Wrestling is currently 11-8.  They will qualify for the NJSIAA Tournament next week which is the first time this has occurred in many years.  

Bowling is 6-5 (Boys) and 4-6 (Girls).  They will be competing in the County Tournament next week.

Boys Fencing just recently won the NJSIAA District 1 State Championship on Sunday.  They now advance to the Team State Tournament next week.  Their record is 5-1.  Girls Fencing finished second in the Districts.  Their record is 3-2.

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