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Maximizing opportunities to meet the needs of all students for a meaningful life

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AP US Government & Politics Classes Visit Philadelphia

Together, Mr. Paravati (IHHS) and Mr. VanderMolen (RHS) planned a trip for students in their new elective course, A.P. U.S. Government and Politics.  Students from Ramapo and Indian Hills traveled together to Philadelphia to visit the National Constitution Center and deepen their understanding of their course of studies.  Some highlights from the day included exhibits on the 19th Amendment, Reconstruction, and the viewing of artifacts, in particular a rare copy of the first public printing of the U.S. Constitution.

IHHS Students Selected by Young Expressions of NNJ

A big weekend at the annual Young Expressions of NNJ, which is a juried art exhibition featuring artwork by high school students from selected districts hosted by the Art Center of Northern New Jersey. This show highlights the young talent, encouraging students to create and showcase their artwork ranging in mediums, techniques, and diversity.  

Please congratulate these artists for being selected to participate in this exhibition!

Honorable Mention Drawing - Indian Hills - Madeline Coppa

1st Place Photography - Indian Hills - Ava Tuttle

1st Place Digital Painting - Indian Hills - Kimberly Lazarra

Ready to Launch!

IH Physics students have been busy building models and testing and refining their ideas using the engineering design loop to construct a variety of projectile motion devices including nerf dart projectiles and modified catapults.  Students gathered practice test data from targets to make modifications and adjustments to their design plan while completing calculations and applying physics principles.

IH Biology students have been working on understanding transcription, translation, and inheritance patterns.  Students have been working on Punnett Squares problem sets, building models of DNA to understand mutations, doodle notes,  and conducting simulations to understand how gametes are passed down from parent to offspring.

It's a Bug's Life out There!

IH Horticulture students completed their quarterly projects researching and observing pests followed by determining how to approach integrated pest management control practices. Students learned about pest control methods that do not make use of pesticides in order to manage the greenhouse and their home garden spaces in environmentally conscious ways.

Students in the Indian Hills  WRT 114, the Syracuse University Project Advance Creative Nonfiction class, have completed the college credit course with a published web page showcasing their best work out of over 480 collective pages of written vignettes, personal essays, and creative nonfiction research! This genre combines the telling of true stories with elements of fiction to make compelling and engaging writing.

National Anthem

Jon Duncan, Athletic Director, and Ms. Heerema, Choir Director, have been working in collaboration to feature solo vocalists from IHHS choir and theater to perform the National Anthem at all home winter sport games. Since January 11, 2023, this has been a wonderful collaboration for the HOME OF THE BRAVES!

Spanish 3CPE & Baking & Cooking Throughout the World 

The Day of the Dead

Interdisciplinary Connections / Collaborative Work

“El día de los muertos” (Day of the Dead) is a Hispanic holiday where families welcome back the souls of their deceased relatives for a brief reunion that includes food, drinks and celebration. “El día de los muertos” is explicitly about the afterlife and remembrance that symbolizes the continuation of memories of life and a great deal in the lives of the Spanish speaking world. To learn the culture of this tradition and to celebrate this event Señora Rodriguez and her Spanish 3CPE class as well as Mr. Bunger’s Food class collaborated together creating an interdisciplinary connection lesson. First Señora’s class visited Mr. Bunger’s Culinary Arts classroom where all the students participated making festive skull shaped cookies for the occasion. Then, Mr. Bunger’s Baking & Cooking Throughout the World class visited Señora Rodriguez’s classroom to learn about “El Día de Los Muertos” in a presentation given by Senora’s students. The students loved the learning experience an of course enjoyed the delicious “Día de Los Muertos” cookies!

Students in Señora Ciprian's Spanish classes enjoyed taking part in the worldwide celebration of "fútbol" while watching and completing a bracket for all 32 teams competing in the FIFA World Cup, Qatar, 2022.  Not only were students rooting for the USA, but also for the 5 Spanish-speaking countries competing in the World Cup; Ecuador, Spain, Costa Rica, Mexico, Uruguay, and the winner, Argentina!!  This activity afforded students a cultural perspective of a sport that is ingrained in the Latin American and Hispanic identity and culture.  As a culmination of a month of soccer, the student with the bracket closest to the winning teams received a prize.  ¡Goooooooooool!  


CONGRATULATIONS to the following DECA Members for their outstanding work at our recent district competition. This talented group of students have the opportunity to compete at the state level in February 2023! See below for our terrific Ramapo DECA winners as well as their individual excellence awards for overall, individual role play and exam!

Simrin Anand

2nd Place Overall - 2nd Place Exam

Arya Kaul

2nd Place Exam

Amelia Keogh

2nd Place Role Play

Carolina Mosquera

3rd Place Overall; 1st Place Role Play

Monica Mosquera

3rd Place Overall; 1st Place Role Play

Nicholas Stathakis

3rd Place Overall

Gabriel Tafuri Del Vecchio

1st Place Overall; 1st Place Exam

Gabriella Vona

1st Place Role Play

Hudson Beauchamp

Reagan Forsdahl

Andrew Glushanok

Evan Glushanok

Mustafa Kamel

Aran Kaul

Alexia Koulikourdis

Victoria Somprii

Nico Vernieri

Jordan Weiss

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