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March 26, 2023

Indian Hills and Ramapo Music

Indian Hills and Ramapo recently hosted the FLOW Music Festival. The FLOW (Franklin Lakes, Oakland and Wyckoff) band, string orchestra and choir came together with great success.  Each year Ramapo and Indian Hills host various accompaniments from our sending districts which provide an opportunity for both the high school and middle school students to showcase their work and growth as musicians.  We sincerely thank the middle school music directors and their administrations for their continued support for this opportunity. 

The Ramapo and Indian Hills Music Departments had a successful trip to California and Disneyland. Both the Ramapo and Indian Hills bands and choirs participated in workshops and performances that provided a valuable experience for our music students. A great thank you goes out to Mr. Mark Friedman, Mr. Erik Sloezen, Ms. Susan Heerema, and Ms. Meghan Magnus for their work setting up the trip and seeing it through successfully. Additional thank you’s go to our chaperones and Ms. Emily Reitter who is currently on leave.  

Computer Science Field Trip

Students in Mr. Caulfield's Computer Science for Engineers class participated in a virtual field trip on building space vehicles with NASA engineers. Students learned about how real spacecraft are designed, and followed an iterative engineering design process to create, build, and test model rockets to carry a payload. After building and testing their rockets, students learned about career paths that could lead them to building spacecraft for research and industry. NASA Engineers Milton Davis and Betsy Fortman gave a keynote address. College students majoring in aeronautical engineering answered questions about getting into the field and doing research. The field trip was planned by Mr. Caulfield and UP Engineering and Design Supervisor, Ms. Martone.

One group of students built a rocket that carried a record payload of 26 paperclips: Kevin O'Neill, Amir Rakhimov, and Antonio Spina.

Ramapo Athletics Update

Congratulations to Ramapo High School's BCCA All County Athletes, Peyton Seals & Wyatt Eglinton Manner for Basketball, Braeden Guiterman for Hockey and Ryan Welch for Track.  The Boys were honored at the recent BCCA Winter Sports Awards Dinner.  Ramapo Boys Basketball Coach Nick Vier was named Coach of the Year and the Boys Basketball Team was named “Team of the Year.”  Go PO!

Ramapo High School Senior Brianna Braver signs her letter of intent to attend Tulane University and become a part of their track program.  Go Brianna!

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