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September 24, 2023

Indian Hills Updates

UPISB & UPSMR Senior Ambassadors hosted a meet and greet luncheon to welcome our incoming UP freshmen at Indian Hills. UP Seniors from both University Programs lead a parent Q&A session, and student informational and team building activities. Interdisciplinary and multi-grade connections were made as students worked together through problem-solving and get-to-know-you activities.

Science students were back at it this week through problem solving, team and class building activities, hands on experimentation, and data collection and analysis. Our horticulture students completed the annual mum garden with flair this year; special thanks to PAC for the support. Go Braves and welcome back!

Back to School Night at IHHS

Following a great opening to the 2023-2024 school year, Indian Hills hosted our Back to School Night. This annual event provides an opportunity for parents to experience their child’s schedule first hand, meet our staff, and to learn about the courses in which their child is enrolled. It was a wonderful night with a fantastic turn out! We are especially grateful for the students in our National Honor Society who helped our visitors find their way through the building. We are truly wonderful representatives of the spirit and culture of Indian Hills High School.

Escape Room Challenge

The students in the Intro to Spanish Year 2 classes at Indian Hills High School are off to a great start!  Both classes competed against one another in the Escape Room Challenge.  The students worked collaboratively to solve a number of tasks that required collaboration to recall vocabulary from their Year 1 course to solve clues and crack the codes.  We were pleased to see that the students and teachers were able to complete the Escape Room in one period and there were no late passes required!  

Ramapo Science Updates

Ramapo welcomes our science students back in the labs! In the STEM Challenge Laboratory class, students were tasked with creating the tallest note card tower using 50 note cards. This activity was designed to get students working collaboratively using the engineering/design cycle steps for the first time in the class. In biology, students started on the “Paper Towel Lab,” a lab in which students test a consumer product to try to determine if certain characteristics affect how much water a paper towel absorbs through observations and data collection. Chemistry students worked on building their laboratory and safety skills.  

That’s a strike!  RIH Physics of Flight students explored motion through hands on stat collection by determining the velocity of a bowling ball based on measurements of displacement and time in the “bowling bowl lab.”  RIH's 3rd year Aviation students made barometers.  They'll record the weather for 5 school days to confirm their barometric pressure readings.  Today's barometric pressure in Franklin Lakes is 30.29 inches of mercury.

Athletics Updates

Congratulations to Ramapo Girls Tennis Coach Kim Marchese! On Tuesday, September 12th, Coach Marchese recorded his 700th career win!!! Coach Marchese has been leading the Ramapo Girls Tennis Team since 1985. A surprise celebration followed the victory vs. Pascack Hills that was enjoyed by all. Commemorative 700th victory t-shirts were also part of the celebration. Congrats Coach Marchese! 

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