Marion County Democratic Central Committee
Special Weekend Edition
We are forwarding an email from the Association of State Democratic Committees via DPO about out-of-state volunteer opportunities for our folks who want to help Democrats around the country win in their races for governor and state legislatures. Please forward so folks get the chance to volunteer! Take a read!
Election Day 2019 is Tuesday, November 5th! Each of these 2019 States can use our support over the finish line. Please see below for information about Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, and Virginia.
  • Kentucky has races for Governor and all Constitutional officers, and we have 14 days to go! We are in a dead heat to the finish line. GOTV begins Friday, November 1, and the general election is November 5, 2019.Please help us identify supporters in these two critical weeks. To phonebank remotely, please sign up here:
  • Kentucky is beautiful this time of year, and we welcome everybody here to help us canvas during GOTV! If you have a group to coordinate, please connect with Andy Brown: You can find all GOTV events here.
  • Donations are always appreciated as we enter this final stretch! Here is the link for that:
Louisiana has races for Governor, statewide offices, State Senate, and State House this year. Run off Election Day is November 16 and early vote started November 2.

As always, thanks for all you do,

Ken Martin
Association of State Democratic Committees
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Mailing Address: MCDCC, PO Box 13835, Salem, OR 97309