Message from Bob Henderson                    Friday, Aug. 24, 2018

Dear friends, 

During this tumultuous week -- with statues tumbling and court cases convicting -- I've been reminded again of the need for a resilient, thoughtful, and clear faith, one that boldly embraces essential claims of the Christian faith while eschewing cultural accoutrements and trite answers. It's not easy, but it is important.

The late distinguished Catholic theologian Karl Rahner, in a book of essays, observed that "the demands of seemingly ordinary, everyday morality are not so easy after all" and that sometimes keeping on keeping on through "dull, tedious, everyday existence can be more difficult than the singular, heroic moral gesture."

"God," Rahner said, "is the one we meet, perhaps unconsciously when we love with no guarantees we will be loved in return, when we remain true to our convictions, when we do the good with no certainty that we will be rewarded (Meditations on Hope and Love, pp. 23-26)."
This week, we'll study II Timothy 2:1-9, a letter written in the voice of Paul to the next generation encouraging them to do just that, to identify the essentials of the faith and live accordingly. It's surprisingly relevant to the challenges of today and appropriate on a Sunday when we celebrate our work with the next generation.... those at Covenant, and at Highland Renaissance Academy, and at Crossnore Elementary in Avery County.
We'll bless backpacks, hear from the principal at Highland Renaissance, and pray for our children. We'll also claim a hopeful, encouraging, and challenging word as we seek to embrace essential claims of Christian faith in these tumultuous times.
It promises to be a great weekend. Come, and bring a friend.

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Bob Henderson preaching

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Bob Henderson preaching
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