Message from Bob Henderson                    Friday, Feb. 1, 2019

Dear friends, 

This week, we'll continue our sermon series "The Four Sides of Forgiveness" by focusing on the role that forgiveness plays in our marriages and most intimate relationships. I'm expecting extraordinary worship attendance, as the number of perfect marriages at Covenant is precisely zero.

And you can expect an extraordinary sermon, as across the last 30 years, I've become expert at needing and receiving forgiveness in marriage! In all seriousness, we'll explore the role of forgiveness in our most important relationships - including marriage - and get quite practical about God's design for our most intimate relationships.
I've never dared to speak so plainly on the subject in the past, and I invite your prayers for a good Sunday, that God would use our time together to bring hope, reconciliation, and forgiveness. You can prepare by reading this beautiful passage about how to live well with others.
We'll also celebrate communion at all services, have fine choral music at both traditional services, and cutting edge contemporary music at our other services.
See you Sunday,

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8:45 Chapel
Bob Henderson preaching  
Bob Henderson preaching
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Bob Henderson preaching
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