Message from Bob Henderson                       Friday, June 1, 2018

Dear friends, 

Anne Morrow Lindbergh, wife of the famous pilot Charles Lindbergh, was a celebrity in her own right. A gifted aviator and author, she wrote a book entitled "Gift of the Sea" while she was on an island retreat off the coast of New England. I love this portion:
"For the natural selectivity of the island, I have to substitute a conscious selectivity based on other values. 'Island Precepts,' I call them....signposts toward another way of living: simplicity of living, work without pressure, space for significance and beauty, time for solitude and sharing."
This week in worship, we will look at a specific episode in the life of a man named Stephen, the first Christian martyr. On its surface, the story looks like one of simple service: Stephen served meals to widows. But more importantly, Stephen cultivated a life with space for significance and beauty. People looked at him and saw traces of grace... a peace, a presence, a power, a purpose. His life made people think, made people wonder, and invited them to turn toward God. He lived fearlessly in this fearsome world.
I wonder how many people would say that about us.
This weekend, we'll explore the life of Stephen, celebrate communion, honor high school graduates, welcome new Pastoral Residents (you can read about them here) and enjoy some exquisite music. You can prepare by reading this passage.
Come, and bring a friend.

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Bob Henderson preaching
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