Message from Jen Christianson                      Friday, May 18, 2018

Dear friends, 

For the past several weeks, we've been traveling with Peter, one of Jesus' earliest followers. We've watched as he answered that first call to follow; as he stumbled through moments of clarity and moments of doubt; as he denied Jesus and ran away; and as he heard a word of grace and love from the resurrected Christ. 

Peter has been through a lot with Jesus, and as we meet him in the story of Pentecost this Sunday, we'll watch him take  his first steps as a leader without Jesus by his side.   

Jesus had promised Peter that the Holy Spirit would come, but gave very few details - and when it does come, the Spirit arrives in wind and fire and a cacophony of people speaking in different languages. Faced with this, Peter could have stepped back, or run away again - especially when the critics showed up and called them all drunks.   

But he didn't. He stood up and set the record straight, telling everyone: this is what God said would happen. Listen to these people, for they are filled with the Holy Spirit. They have a story to tell about God's power. You can read his words, and the rest of our text for Sunday,  here  

The promise of Pentecost is that we all have a story to tell, of God at work in our lives. I've been privileged and honored to know your stories over these past three years. I look forward to one more Sunday of celebrating them together. 

We'll honor the stories of our confirmands as we welcome 15 students into membership at the 11 a.m. traditional service. And we will celebrate several baptisms. I hope you'll come, and bring a friend.  


Worship Services this Sunday (click for bulletins)

Traditional Contemporary
Jen Christianson preaching
Jen Christianson preaching
 11:00 Sanctuary
Jen Christianson preaching

 11 a.m. Fellowship Hall
Jen Christianson preaching
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