A Message from Bob Henderson: June 11, 2021
Dear friends:
This weekend, we launch a sermon series entitled “A Thinking Person’s Guide to Faith” in which we’ll explore important — and often difficult — topics such as human suffering, religion and science, and other topics that can challenge our faith. If you have faith-curious family members or friends, this will be an excellent ‘drop-in’ series to which you can offer an invitation. This week, we’ll explore the creation story and how it conflicts with or complements scientific knowledge.
Allan Sandage, the astronomer who figured out how fast the universe is expanding and how old it is, says that it was his science that led him back to faith.

"Physicists have stumbled on signs that the cosmos is custom-made for life," he says. "It turns out that if the constants of nature-unchanging numbers like the strength of gravity, the charge of an electron and the mass of a proton-were the tiniest bit different, then atoms would not hold together, stars would not burn, and life would never have made an appearance." (Newsweek, "Science Finds God").
You can prepare by reading this exquisite account of creation as told by one of the writers of Genesis. 
I look forward to seeing you in-person or online this weekend. 
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