A Message from Bob Henderson: June 18, 2021
Dear friends:
The Bible is a complicated book, and reading it is not for the faint of heart. It was written, compiled, and codified across centuries, countries, cultures, and all manner of other influences. It’s anything but easy to understand.

All people read it through a preconceived set of assumptions. Some assume it is the Word of God, authoritative and trustworthy in all matters on which it speaks. Others see it as a historical curiosity, little more than a haphazardly-compiled book of tribal folklore, poetry, wisdom sayings, and letters. Assumptions about the Bible – how it comes to us, and what it means – are more numerous than truck commercials during a football game.

This Sunday’s sermon will depart a bit from our traditional model and serve more as an on-ramp for encountering scripture successfully. We’ll explore how to read the Bible, interpret it, and let it be a resource to renew our faith and strengthen our lives.

I’ve had a lot of fun preparing and hope you find it helpful. Read this passage to get a jump start. If you or a friend struggle with what to make of some teachings in the Bible, this would be a great Sunday to attend.

Come, and bring a friend.

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