Message from Bob Henderson: May 7, 2021
Dear friends:

Wendell Berry is a farmer, poet, and prophet. I wish I’d had a chance to meet him, but I’ve long been grateful to encounter him in his writings.

This piece, in particular, has stayed with me and seems important for our time:

 “As every reader knows, the Gospels are overwhelmingly concerned with the conduct of human life. In the Sermon on the Mount and in other places Jesus is asking his followers to see that the way to more abundant life is the way of love. We are to love one another, and this love is to be more comprehensive than our love for our family and friends and tribe and nation. We are to love our neighbors though they may be strangers to us. We are to love our enemies. And this is to be a practical love; It is to be practiced, here and now. Love evidently is not just a feeling but is indistinguishable from the willingness to help, to be useful to one another.”
Wendell Berry, The Way of Ignorance

This week we’ll launch a new and challenging sermon series called “The Space Between Us.” I hope it will be practical, useful and insightful. You can prepare by reading these two passages.

Plan to join us and invite a friend. Also, click here for great news about in-person worship. I'm thrilled!

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