Dear friends:

The average adult makes around 35,000 relatively conscious decisions each day. That is a lot of decisions! It makes me wonder, what is informing each of those decisions? Do we even know there are so many? Do only the big ones really matter? 

In the passage for this Sunday, Paul offers instructions for how to discern each of these decisions. I would have thought he would focus on the big decisions of life -- the ones we really spend time hemming and hawing over, such as whether to take a new job, move to a different state or stay near family, how to respond to a difficult diagnosis or handle bad news.

Surprisingly, however, he focuses on details of our lives like what we eat for dinner (a daily decision that does always seem difficult to make around 5:30 in our household). He offers a simple response: to do everything in such a way that it builds up. 

This Sunday, we’ll spend some time on finding love in the details of life – like what to have for dinner. We’ll also enjoy great music and join together as a community of faith to pray with and for those we love.

I hope you’ll join at 9:30 or 11 a.m. and feel encouraged to share this invitation with a friend who might appreciate an extra dose of love in their weekend. 
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