Dear friends:

The word "church" comes to us from the Greek word ekklesia, which refers broadly to an assembly of people who come together for a common purpose.

To the Greeks of the ancient world, ekklesia would have had political connotations. For centuries, Greek citizens would gather as an ekklesia to make important decisions related to their common life. The ekklesia would approve legislation, elect rulers and judges, and even declare war. 

The Greek ekklesia was an important step in the development of what would become modern democracy: the idea that people should participate in their government.

The fact that early Christians chose to use this word to describe their own community, then, is striking. In so doing, they were staking a bold claim that the Christian community is, and must be, participatory. People of faith have an active role to play in the building up of God's kingdom.

This claim holds true for us today. We continue to believe that church is an ongoing project which requires everyone's help. During worship this Sunday, we'll reflect on that important truth and also celebrate some ways that our congregation has lived into it. We'll mark an important milestone in our work on affordable housing and have the joy of welcoming a child into the church through baptism. God is good!

Please see the options below for worship at 9:30 and 11 a.m. If you'd like to consider the verses of Scripture in advance, you can find them here.

I look forward to worshipping God with you and encourage you to invite a friend!

Yours in Christ,
PS: Speaking of working together to build up the community, I encourage you to attend a congregational meeting Sunday at 10:30 a.m. to present the annual budget. You can access the meeting by clicking here.
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