Dear friends:

I hope you found some refreshment and joy in July and are now re-orienting to the complexities of school, church, and so many other altered activities.

I’ve remembered you in prayer regularly, and the staff at Covenant is working quite hard to adapt to this new reality. We thank you for your support and continued participation. It’s tremendously heartening! 

This week, we’ll continue our exploration of Jesus’ parables, short sayings and stories that surprise, challenge and inspire. This week’s parables are no exception. I encourage you to take time to read them and ask yourself, “Is Jesus really commending this as a business practice? It seems deceptive. What could he mean?” Then, we’ll explore it together. 

You can prepare for Sunday by setting up a place for communion. I’d love for you to send me a picture of your communion table and what the observance looks like in your home.  

With gratitude for you all, 
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