Dear friends:

In a recent edition of the Wall Street Journal, former Senator John Danforth and Matt Malone offered an important editorial entitled, A First Step Toward Loving Our Enemies.

“Today a growing number of Americans regard their political opponents not as fellow citizens with whom they disagree but as enemies; as politically, socially and even morally irredeemable.”

It’s sadly true; the fabric of our society is terribly frayed, if not completely torn apart.

Then these two priests, Danforth an Episcopalian and life-long Republican, and Malone, a Roman Catholic and Democrat, write:

“This tendency to divide the world between us and them has come even to American church…[yet] for Christians to embark consciously on a ministry of reconciliation would be a profound gift for America. This would be an ambitious ministry requiring dedication, imagination, persistence and interfaith coordination. But with prayer and imagination, we can find countless ways ….to exchange peace.”

It’s a compelling vision, one whose time has come. We’ll explore it this Sunday by considering this passage. We’ll also celebrate a baptism, present Bibles to third graders, and enjoy a host of other delights. It will be an uplifting, challenging, and rewarding hour.

Join us, and invite a friend.

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