Dear friends:

In her book, White Fragility: Why It’s so Hard for White People to Talk About Racism, Robin DiAngelo shares the story of a conversation in which she, DiAngelo, said to her friend, “I don’t see race; I just see people.” 

Her friend replied, “Then I suppose you can’t see racism, can you?” 

It propelled DeAngelo on a journey of rigorous self-exploration and growth.

It’s not a journey most of us want to take, but it helps to know that scripture suggests Jesus had to do likewise. One episode in that journey is recorded in this weekend’s scripture passage, perhaps the most troubling in the gospels. Ministers have avoided it, commentators dismissed it, and scholars argued about it for generations. And for good reason….Jesus does not look good.

But I wonder if the import of this story is finally coming into view. I’m pleased to explore it this weekend with Serenitye Taylor, Covenant’s seminary intern, as we join in a final dialogical sermon in our series “Guide My Feet As I Run This Race.” I trust you’ll find it fresh, honest, and helpful.

We will once again have the privilege of celebrating baptisms and enjoying some excellent music. I hope you’ll attend and invite a friend.


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