Dear friends:

This Sunday is among my very favorite of the year, though it’s really borrowed from our Roman Catholic friends. All Saints’ Day is a time to remember and give thanks for the people who have shaped and molded us, people who have mediated to us something of the divine and sculpted our souls with their sacred power. We all have them, and this Sunday we pause to name them and say ’thank you.’

If you would like to continue our tradition of placing a flower in their memory, a panel outside the Sanctuary door is draped in burlap with flowers available for you. This montage will then be transferred to the columbarium, where we will commend these beloved people to God’s good care. You can come by the sanctuary from until 2 p.m. today to place your flower. 

We invite you to prepare to participate in communion in your own home this Sunday as an extension of our celebration in the sanctuary. And, don’t forget to adjust your clock. I’m not sure 2020 needs an extra hour, but we’re getting one anyway!

Katherine Kerr will be preaching on this passage. You can prepare for her fine sermon by reading it ahead of time.

With abundant gratitude,

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