Dear friends:

"To understand American suburbia," writes David Brooks, "you have to start with golf, not the actual game of golf, but the golf ideal, the golf vision of perfection, the golf concept of chivalry, valor, and success. At least in its American incarnation, golf leads to a definition of what life should be like in its highest and most pleasant state.

Everything is immaculate. The fairways are weed-less stretches of soft perfection. The greens are rolling ponds of manicured order. The sand traps are raked smooth. The homes along the fairways look scrubbed and affluent. Even the people are neat; everybody is dressed casually but nicely.”

One observant elder captured the ecclesial equivalent, saying that at church we have ‘a culture of fine,’ in which our children are fine, our job is fine, our health is fine, our life is just fine.

Until it isn’t, which, unfortunately, happens to all of us.

This weekend, we’ll look at one of my very favorite stories in all of scripture. It speaks to how we respond when life gets tough. It’s a story filled with interruptions, engaging personalities, and real hope. You can read it here.

We’ll also celebrate a baptism, enjoy excellent music, and have a chance to hear about the life-shaping power of a men’s group.

Join us, and invite a friend.
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