Dear friends:

Karl Barth was a world-renowned theologian who lived and wrote throughout the 20th century. There is a story about Barth walking through an airport in Germany on his way to speak about theology when he was approached by a young evangelist. The young evangelist did not recognize Barth to be a reformed theological scholar and so was doing his due diligence of working to evangelize those in the airport.

When the young evangelist approached Barth, he asked him simply, “Sir, have you been saved?” To which Barth responded, “Yes, yes, I have.” That wasn’t quite enough for the evangelist. He kept pressing, “Why, when, sir, when were you saved? Where?” He must have been looking for a specific time and place, a time when the theologian, Barth, had turned his life around and sought to follow Christ. But Barth couldn’t identify that time. So he responded with this lovely reminder: “I was saved 2,000 years ago on a hill called Calvary.” The life, ministry and resurrection of Jesus Christ had saved all people, Barth continued, even those living some 2,000 years later.

This Sunday, we will read a story of conversion and talk about what it means to be converted everyday to serve God. We’ll explore this text from Acts 9, listen to beautiful music, and pray together for our community.

If you haven’t joined Zoom worship yet, I invite you to give this platform a try at 9:30 as you get to meet new people, see Covenant friends and, this week, talk with Lucy Wambua from our partner school in Kenya.

I look forward to worshiping with you Sunday.