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The fall is certainly in full swing in Boone! Last week brought another football weekend, plus the added excitement of ESPN's College Gameday. For us at Grace, that meant another opportunity for one of our ministries to park cars. LSA woke up very early again and did the work last weekend and collected over $5,000! Grace Builders is up for the next game this Saturday. So, please encourage your football-attending friends to park at Grace!

Grace Builders has been very active over the past couple of months and is looking forward to several special woodlot work days. The leading news right now is that Grace Builders has purchased and is awaiting the arrival of a

second “monster” splitter. This is a larger-scale machine that has an arm to lift large pieces of wood and comes with a two-part blade to split wood pieces four ways. Additionally, Harold and the Grace Builders team are developing a plan

to pour a new concrete pad with special anchors to safely secure this new piece

of equipment.  

Also, Harold has designed and ordered a new custom splitter head that will be fabricated by Triplett and Coffey, Inc. This new head will have two additional blades so that it can cut each log into eight pieces with each splitting motion! The cost for the new splitter, custom head, and concrete pad is being covered by a $12,500 grant the Grace Builders received from the North Carolina Synod and the faithful giving of several generous supporters of Grace Builders.

The goal in all of these upgrades is to increase the woodlot’s split capacity to meet the needs of our neighbors who have financial hardship and require wood to heat their homes in the cold winter months. This is the crunch time for trying to get the wood piles as high as possible to be ready as the need rises.  

With that in mind, Harold wanted me to share with everyone that your help at

the woodlot is welcomed, needed, and greatly appreciated. Woodlot volunteers gather each Tuesday morning. Since Tuesday mornings do not work with everyone’s schedule, I wanted to make everyone aware of a few special

woodlot work days:

  • September 30th (Friday)
  • October 1st (Saturday)
  • October 8th (Saturday) 

I will add two final things. You do not need to know how to swing an axe or run a splitter before you volunteer. Harold and the others will be happy to teach you and help find you a job with which you are comfortable. The fact that he welcomes me out there is a testament to the truth of the statement “no experience necessary.” Second, Harold calls the woodlot a “no guilt zone” (maybe that is why it is called GRACE Builders), meaning come out whenever you can, for however long you can. You will be welcomed and appreciated, and you will walk away knowing that your time spent at the Woodlot is going to make an enormous impact for a family this winter!

In Grace,

Pastor Steve

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Vicar Spence will continue to lead the 8:30am Sunday School hour until October 16 to continue the conversation "why do we do what we do in worship?" Our guided material for the class is a book titled Worship Matters: An Introduction to Worship. You are invited to join in on the discussion!

One of the goals for the LSA leadership group this year is to strengthen LSA’s relationship with the congregation.  Tyler Ruddy is organizing a Thursday evening book study for both LSA and the congregation.  Tyler will help to facilitate, with help from others, a conversation around Rowan Williams’ book, Being Christian.  This four-part series (which meets biweekly) happens next at 6:00pm on Thursday, October 6.  You are invited to participate in this conversation, either in-person or online. 

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