March 22, 2019
The Day My Hope Returned

Yesterday was the day my hope returned. Since General Conference, I have been discomfited. I don't think I've ever used that word before, but it means to be made uncomfortable, uneasy, agitated, disoriented, or unable to be consoled.

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Church mobilizes to help cyclone survivors | United...

Cyclone Idai left a path of destruction in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi, killing at least 180 people and damaging United Methodist schools, churches, hospitals and homes. The cyclone made landfall near Beira, the fourth-largest city in Mozambique.

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Lay, clergy call for 'reconciliation and justice'

Nearly 1000 Iowa United Methodist lay and clergy have signed a statement committing "ourselves and our churches to the necessary and ongoing work of reconciliation and justice." The statement is a "witness to the grace of God that is available to ...

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Prayers for victims of NZ tragedy and midwestern flooding

Dear Friends, Over the past several days, two significant events have impacted the lives of people in New Zealand and right here in Iowa. On Friday, ...

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'Hornick Strong', Iowa town begins flood recovery

"The water came from the north," said Pastor Catie Newman. "The fire department tried to build a berm on Thursday night, and at about nine 'o clock in the evening the levee broke and they could see the water come into town and come over the berm."

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First glimpse of recovery in Hamburg, Iowa

The record floodwaters of 2019 are finally beginning to recede in the Southwest Iowa town of Hamburg. Reverend Luke Fillmore, who is appointed to Hamburg United Methodist Church and Shenandoah United Methodist Church, reported in a phone...

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Laity Day with Bishop Laurie

Join other people from across the Iowa Conference for a stimulating Laity Day with the Bishop on Saturday, April 6 at Collegiate UMC in Ames. Watch it...

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Think Outside the Egg: Great teaching tools for children ...

My favorite memories of Easter are painting eggs and making edible rabbits from pear halves using round scoops of cottage cheese for tails. While I realize this is not particularly religious in and of itself, this small foray into symbols as a...

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