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Latest lecture additions include:
Diabetes-Related Amputations: A Pandemic within a Pandemic
Pes Cavus
Non-CME, Practice Management Lectures from Michael Warshaw:
  • Coding & Proper Documentation for At-Risk Routing Foot Care
  • New E&M Changes for 2021
  1. Amputation Prevention Protocols
  2. Evaluation & Management Documentation Part 2: Proposed Changes for 2021
  3. Pediatric Nail Abnormalities
ACPM is Growing!

Since the Beginning of 2020, ACPM has increased its Fellowship numbers by 100%!
We now have over 900 Fellows. With an additional 300 students and residents, our membership is at 1200 DPMs. This is the largest membership our organization has ever had.

Because we now have a symbiotic relationship with ABPM, both our marketing teams work collaboratively to enhance each organization’s visibility and credibility. 
We Want to Showcase Our Fellows

In effort to showcase the level of professionalism and the dedication to continuing education from our Fellows, we want to highlight any time one of our own is publishing research, articles or is featured as a faculty speaker at meetings/conferences.

Please use the Quick Poll tool below to tell us if you have any current research or articles that have been published, or if you are on the faculty of any upcoming meetings!
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Articles Worth Sharing
Some of our favorite articles posted in this week's Foot & Ankle Weekly
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From ACPM Fellow: Jarrod Shapiro, DPM, FACPM

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