Dr. Marshall Solomon represents ACPM at Council of Teaching Hospitals Public Session (April 16, 2021)
Key Points:
1. ACPM Membership
2. Educational Mission
3. ACPM e-Learning POD (Podiatry on Demand) Initiative
4. ACPM Student Clubs in All 9 Colleges
5. ACPM Lectures and Expert Lecture Series 
Fellows on the Podium

The DERMfoot meeting was held last week (April 15 - 18).

ACPM Fellow, Dr. Bryan Markinson provided several lectures including:
  • Literature Controversies and Discussion Points in Lower Extremity Dermatology
  • Interesting Cases in Lower Extremity Dermatology
  • Review of Uncommon Toenail Disorders

Additionally, Fellow Ebonie Vincent lectured with, "My Feet are Killing Me": Challenging Cases.

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ACPM Continues to Encourage Diversity and Leads by Example

Last June, the ACPM drafted a letter regarding Police Brutality and Prejudice, as well as the challenges for minorities in health care.

Our organization is proud to showcase our commitment to inclusion by highlighting and sharing research relevant to the subject matter, as well as selecting board members and leaders that represent various backgrounds and cultures. In fact, 35% of the ACPM Board are individuals of color and 40% of the ACPM Board are women.

Additionally, ACPM Vice President, Dr. Javier Cavazos provided the following statement and the organization continues to lead in progress for diversity:

"As for the American College of Podiatric Medicine, I plan to provide leadership in developing a strategy that will not only raise awareness to the healthcare disparities that we all know already exist, but to inform ACPM Fellows and Members on how to prepare and position themselves for patient-centered, population health models of the future. As our health system moves toward value-based models which incentivize positive results rather than individual procedures and treatments, the social determinants of health will become critical components in the overall assessment of cost and benefit to a healthcare system. Understanding these facets of well-being in tandem with medical care, providers will be required in taking a holistic view of patients and overall population health to enhance patient care, promote superior outcomes, and drive value in healthcare organizations."
Articles Worth Sharing
Some of our favorite articles posted in this week's Foot & Ankle Weekly
e-newsletter include:

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