Report on Meeting of Members:
July 30th at APMA National Conference

ACPM held their Annual Meeting of Members Friday July 30, at the 2021 APMA National Conference in Denver, CO.

ACPM President, Scott Spencer addressed the Membership, proudly proclaiming the exponential growth in the ACPM membership since 2019; tallying slightly over 1600 members. Dr Spencer also thanked the Board of Directors and the ACPM staff for their hard work throughput the year, as well as their commitment to the success of ACPM.

ACPM treasurer, Dr. Rosemay Michel reported on the organization financial status, solvency and successful audit review.

ACPM Membership Committee Chair, Dr. Bryce Paschold announced membership benefits and opportunities for our Fellows and shared the upcoming plans for student and residents outreach through the Expert Lecture Series

ACPM Education Chair, Dr. Tara Deaver, announced the success of the ACPM e-Learning POD, reported on CME and MOC credits earned over the last 10 months and urged the membership for continued participation by submitting lectures for continued online learning.

ACPM President-Elect and Marketing Chair, Dr. Javier Cavazos closed the meeting by first recognizing a very talented marketing team, provided marketing updates that align with the ACPM Mission which is centred around Education and Advocacy, outlined ACPM goals, emphasized the importance of corporate support and recognized ACPM corporate educational partners, BAKO Diagnostics, Vikor Scientific and PICA.

Dr. Cavazos shared that ACPM’s goals and marketing initiatives will continue revolve around 4 central themes.
  • Promote a “Fellows First” campaign assuring ACPM Fellows have fresh and innovative educational resources and tools to enhance their knowledge base and technical skills, while reinforcing their continued medical education and maintenance of ABPM Board certification.
  • Continue to develop a fraternal Community of College Fellows, Member Residents and Students by continuing to introduce and Spotlight our very talented membership and encouraging participation in our committees.
  • Continue to propagate membership growth to achieve “Vision 2025- Total College Membership of 3500 Fellows, Members, Residents and Students.
  • Build and expand ACPM visibility through collaboration with other medical-related educational and advocacy organizations.
ACPM President Updates
APMA Board of Directors 

Last Wednesday, ACPM President, Dr. Scott Spencer met with the APMA Board of Directors and covered three major points:
  • Membership Increases (especially since the re-branding of our organization from ACFOAM to ACPM)
  • Student outreach initatives
  • Upcoming continuing education opportunities

Specifically Dr. Spencer reported the nearly doubling of the ACPM membership over the course of two years.

He also emphasized the benefit to the membership with the launch of the ACPM e-Learning POD, providing the opportunities to earn both CME and MOC credits respectively.

The meeting was concluded with an overview of projected student education and communication plans, as well as the resurgence of live (and more online) learning events.
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