Baby it's COLD Outside!
Rescheduled from February 14
February 21, 2021 | Noon - 1:00 pm
~ Pack up our Alleluias 
~ Sunday School & Confirmation - Drop off Caring Cards to be mailed
~ Pick up your 2021 Offering Envelopes
~ Service project supplies for Sunday School & Confirmation  
~ Arrive in a celebrative mask and beads and win a prize! 
~ Decorate your car in Mardi Gras style and win a prize!
~ Family Devotional - Lions, Camels and Goats, Oh My! 
~ Homemade Love treats from LuAnn (Yum!) 
~ Offering Basket
~ CROSS food & donations drop off [NOTE: Financial match below!] 
~ Blessings from Advent Staff. 
We’ll collect food for CROSS and they also have need for Baby Diapers in larger sizes such as Sizes 4, 5 or 6, Baby Wipes, Feminine Supplies, Laundry Detergent and other Cleaning Supplies

*** We'll continue to use our efficient “double line” drive-thru system
for easier access and smooth driving! ***
To make sure we keep everyone safe, please approach the church from the north only (and don’t cross traffic) to access the drive-thru event.

Thank you for being with us at the Drive-thru events!

***Interested in preparing for or helping out during this event?***
Please review the volunteer needs here.
Advent's New Website!
We are delighted to announce that Advent will transition to our new website on Thursday, February 25th! Please take a look around the site and find the places that you look forward to participating in and experiencing at Advent! Thank you for your patience as we've worked diligently to bring Advent what we believe is a beautiful new website. 
Lent at Advent
Braving the Wilderness

Lent at Advent Schedule:
Sundays in Lent
~ Sunday morning worship at 9:30 am
~ Braving the Wilderness book study,
Sundays at 10:30 (beginning 2/21)
Here is the ZOOM Link
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Wednesdays in Lent
~ Holden Evening Prayer Wednesday worship at 6:30 pm

~ Congregational learning opportunity on
"Race and Racial Justice in America"
led by Nancy Michael
with Pastor Elizabeth and Pastor Peter
following Wednesday worship ~ 7:05 pm
Here is the ZOOM link to participate!
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

about Braving the Wilderness
All are welcome to join the Lenten Book Study!
All pre-orderd copies of Braving the Wilderness have been sold. Copies of the book are available at Barnes & Noble, Walmart,
Target, and Amazon.
Register for the Book Study Here.
Gift of Love - January through April

CROSS Services is our Gift of Love for January through April. Through February, your offerings are being designated to CROSS’s Peace of Mind Fund. Special Notice! Right now CROSS is bracing themselves for when the eviction and foreclosure moratorium is lifted. This special program’s purpose is to give individuals and families going through financial hardship a helping hand to maintain or keep their housing.
Show your Valentine’s Day Love for CROSS at the “It’s Really Winter Now!” Sunday, February 21st, Noon -1:00 pm.

Items requested by CROSS for this event are: Baby Diapers in larger sizes such as Sizes 4, 5 or 6, Baby Wipes, Feminine Supplies, Laundry Detergent and other Cleaning Supplies.

Stayed tuned on more updates on the focuses
for March and April!

Thank you for your generosity!
God Chicks
What's Next?
Mary Zigan, who has led God Chicks for many years, has provided a welcome update!

Mary is newly and very happily married! She and her new husband, Dennis Ehlers, are settling into their new homes in Florida and Minnesota. Naturally, their energy is devoted to the new marriage and family.

Mary has graciously notified the God Chicks that she will not be hosting God Chicks in Spring or Fall.
We will continue to provide updates about God Chicks along with other opportunities to meet with Christian women in a supportive and collaborative environment. Stay Tuned!

As Mary might say,
"Make today so awesome that it will make yesterday jealous!"
Want to engage more deeply
at Advent?
Join us for Coffee & Conversation!

We offer more than online worship at Advent!
We've planned a "New to Advent" gathering to share the many aspects of involvement and enrichment we offer for
people at all stages of life.

We hope you'll join us on Sunday, February 28th, 11:30 AM to 12:15 PM
for Coffee & Conversation via Zoom
Building Projects at Advent 
With funds designated for specific church projects through
the Capital Campaign, Advent is initiating work on the following goals:
  • Stucco repair work is completed in the front of the church and our contractors continue work on the back. Drive by and take a look!
  • The hardwood floors in the Sanctuary will be refinished in early March.
Stand by for additional project completions!
Endowment Scholarships Deadlines
  • Endowment and Roser scholarship applications are available
through Pastor Peter. The deadline is February 25.
  • Thrivent members who qualify could direct their Choice Dollars to the Endowment Fund. The deadline is March 31. 
2021 Giving Envelopes
Our giving envelopes are here! 
Through Sunday you can pick up your offering envelopes
in the bin by the back door, or at the drive-thru
After Sunday, we will store the envelopes inside the building.
If you would like to schedule a time to pick them up, please call the church office 763-425-4243 ext 104.
Pastoral Care - Simpler Way to Schedule!

We have created a simpler way to request an appointment for a one-on-one conversation with a pastor. All you have to do is go to and you will see a request form. Fill out your information and select a time, and one of the pastors will reach out to confirm the appointment with you.

We believe that the love God shows us through Jesus Christ moves us to show love to our neighbors in service to the world. This weekly e-mail will highlight ways you can serve with us each week.
Volunteers welcome for worship recordings 
We send out a resounding thank you to everyone who has already contributed to online worship by reading, singing, sharing the peace and leading prayers. We have received very positive feedback about these volunteer contributors to worship, both in the online chat and through follow-up messages. We would love to have more people involved in online worship, and we pledge to do our best to make it easy for you! Please review the signup link below for dates and opportunities and reach out with any questions to Volunteer Coordinator Betsy Cardinal or Minister of Music Dennis Wallisch.
Mask Donations for
Central Lutheran Church
Advent volunteers created 294 masks in January to donate to Central Lutheran in Minneapolis, and its day program supporting people experiencing homelessness. We greatly appreciate our volunteers and encourage them to continue this important work. Below is a thank you we received from the program. 

"We give thanks to God for you and mention you in our prayers,
remembering your work of faith, labor of love and steadfastness in hope."
I Thessalonians 1:2-3
For this month, masks will be collected from the bin by the back doors on February 25 and mailed to Central Lutheran shortly thereafter. Sewing supplies of fabric, thread and elastic are available for pickup on request. Please contact Volunteer Coordinator Betsy Cardinal with those requests and any further questions. 
Prayer is our personal connection with God, and guides us individually and as a church. We know that God hears our prayers and will empower us to see God’s will in our lives! 
Pray for our church and our world this week: for the continued opportunities to both worship and serve together in this time; for the many ways that we are still formed by our faith in this time; for our new Church Council members; for families as some continue with distance learning for students and some adjust to in-person learning for students; for doctors and nurses who are treating people with COVID; for all people who are sick with COVID; for our leaders as they work to effectively distribute the vaccine; for all people making transitions in life and work during this time; for all Advent volunteers; for those who worship online with us who we haven’t met in person yet; for an end to white supremacy in our country, institutions, and hearts; for all people on our weekly prayer list.
“Shaped by the
Creator’s Hands” 
Daniel Iverson’s hymn “Spirit of the Living God” is a song that guides me during the Lenten season. 
“Spirit of the living God, 
Fall afresh on me. 
Spirit of the living God, 
Fall afresh on me. 
Break me, melt me, 
Mold me, fill me, 
Spirit of the living God, 
Fall afresh on me." 

Conversations during the Lenten Season can be about “What did you give up for Lent?”  Some choose not to eat chocolate.  Instead of eating sweets, Lent provides us with days and choices to enjoy the natural sweetness of fruits and vegetables.   

Worship is different as we aren't singing “alleluia.” Instead, we will sing hymns calling on the Holy Spirit to renew and restore our hearts with God’s promises of love, hope, and joy. Each Wednesday night, we will unite in worshiping God with the Holden Evening Prayer service. Trusting God, let us join hands in being shaped by Christ Jesus’ love and being moved to tell others of this amazing grace. 
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  
To start worship on Feb. 21, 9:30 AM & Feb. 24, 6:30 PM, tap Live Streaming. Click Give to support Advent’s ministries.  Each service is also audio streamed at 103.3 FM, accessible to all who join us from the church parking lot. Use the Archived Recordings to share the worship link or watch a previous worship service.  Contact Melanie if you have questions about online worship.  
Download the worship bulletin here
Weekly Prayer List

Prayer is a vital part of our faith life, and an important way we can continue to minister to one another in this time of social distancing. Names of people within our community you can lift up in prayer include:

Jeff D., Jan N., Mary B., Mark P., Connie S., Sharon L., Barb, McKenzie, Cory, Julie, Jeni F., Deanna G., Gary F., All who are grieving

(Due to privacy concerns and internet safety protocol, we cannot publish last names.)

For confidential prayer requests, you may leave a private voice mail at 763-425-4243 or e-mail our Prayer Chain leaders.
Faith Formation 2021

Sunday School & Children's choirs - NO class on Sunday, February 21.
See you at the drive through event!

Confirmation class: February 24, following Wednesday worship 
 "Race and Racial Justice in America" 
led by Nancy Michael with Pastor Elizabeth and Pastor Peter 
Here is the Zoom link to participate!
Bible Study Opportunities

  • Pastor led Bible Study at 10:00 am. Here is the Zoom Link.

  • Women’s Bible study led by Jan Christofferson meets on Thursdays at 9:30 am. Here is the Zoom link.