Friday November 20, 2020
Award-Winning Photographer Samantha Isom Appointed to...

ASMP's National Board of Directors this week voted to appoint award-winning photographer Samantha Isom to fill the Board seat recently vacated by Amy Tierney. Samantha is a Director, Photographer, DP/Camera Operator...[Image: Samantha Isom Pictures]

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The CASE Act Needs You Now!

Over the past two years, we have asked you numerous times to support the "Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement Act of 2019" (the CASE Act) - a bill that would create a "small claims court" within the...[Image: Michael Judkins]

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Join Us for Sony Tech Tuesday!

This webinar gives you direct access to learning about two powerhouse Sony products the Alpha 7C and RXOII with training by Sony's National PRO Support & Training Manager, Mike Bubolo. Mike will give an in-depth look into the world's smallest...

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Famed Under-ocean Photographer Ernie Brooks Has Passed

Cross-posted from the Santa Barbara Independent [by Jean Yamamura] Ernie Brooks II, the famed under-ocean photographer, died today at the age of 85. Photography was in his blood as the son of the man who created the Brooks...[Image: Paul Wellman]

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Renew Membership in November and Save!

ASMP would like to offer you a special member renewal rate for 2021. We are committed to creating great programs for you in 2021 as a member of the ASMP community to support you and your business needs as you maneuver these...[Image: William King]

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New Member Benefit from Light & Motion

Introducing a new ASMP Member Benefit partner - Light & Motion. Stella Pro Lights from Light & Motion are designed for still and moving pictures. The output of these bright lights is up to 10,000 lumens. They are very lightweight, rugged...

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Enter Your Images and Videos Today!

BEST of ASMP is a members-only contest and it is designed to showcase the important work of ASMP members from photos/videos taken between December 1, 2019 and...[Images Clockwise: Patrick Bennett, Ian Spanier, Teri Campbell, Kristofer Dan-Bergman]

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Image: Sam Adams

From webinars to virtual town halls, stay connected.

Need to Buy or Sell Equipment? Visit the Buy-Sell Forum.

ASMP has launched the Buy-Sell Forum to provide members a venue for buying and selling items. As this is a MEMBER ONLY Forum, members will need to login to to access Though commercial sales and...[Image: Alex Andrews]

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Weekend Reading 11.19.2020

Some of the most interesting/useful/fun stories from around the web to check out over the weekend (Warning: Highly Bookmarkable). A weekly roundup of links curated this week by ASMP National Board Director Frank Rocco...[Image: Kelvin Yuen]

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Google Pay’s New Redesign Sums Up the Best and Worst of Google

Google loyalists are sure to thrill at the company’s newly redesigned mobile payments app. The app’s peer-to-peer payments are intuitive and conversational, packing a host of features into a...Read more
How to Improve as a Photographer Without Spending a Dime

You can easily spend a lot of money quite quickly trying to improve your...Read more
A Photographer’s 30-year Record of Dreamlike Icescapes and Hues in Antarctica

If you asked photographer Ira Meyer what should be at the top of your travel bucket...Read more
Image: Alexander Dummer

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