Week of November 9th - 13th, 2020

We have had another great week! Find your weekly update from your head coach, and as usual, if you have any questions for me, I can be reached at kyrylo@acetennis.ca.

Kyrylo Tabunshchyk,
Vice President / General Manager ACE Tennis Burlington
From Head Coach Anna Momot

We have finished the last week of the 2nd cycle. It was an important week for the coaches and the kids. Based on their skills learned during the cycles, we recommend a suitable group for the little players. We want to make sure your kid feel comfortable progressing in tennis. 
The kids did a great job this week, and I was pleased to see them keeping their focus at a high level! They have played forehand/backhand from the baseline on the mini tennis court. They prepare the correct set up [moving sideways] and upon being prompted they can set up correctly. We are thrilled to see progress!   

The players had a productive week and was working hard on being consistent with their shots. It is important to note that it takes time to master the fundamentals, but repetition makes perfect . I am happy to see good result when it comes to the serve. Very soon, they will be able to serve with full motion. The Progressive 2 players have also tried new combinations – serve and return. Next week we start the 3rd cycle!

Registration for Winter session starting in January opens on November 15.
PROGRESSIVE 2 - Competitive
From Head Coach Mike Donski

Another great week of training for the competitive 2 progressive superstars. Competition has been a major focus over the last two weeks. We are on a segment of volleys and approaching the net which will continue until the end of the month.
We've also been working on improving serve technique and consistency in preparation for the more tournaments. There were some very exciting matchups on both days and coach Tom and I saw many of the things we've been working on applied in the points so we are very happy with the kids. They had a blast and a lot of energy, looking forward to seeing it again next week!
From Head Coach Mihai Mocanu

We continued with what we worked on last week (ball control, serve and consistency) and we added the basic recovery as well. We set up drills where players would have to recover based on where they are sending the balls during rallies. It was a bit challenging, but I think they have the basic understanding of how it works. We will continue the same next week as the players need more time to become better at all things we worked on.
From Head Tom Pociecha

This week we continued improving the return of serve and the appropriate recovery. When playing points we focused on cross-court returns (when facing wide serves), the appropriate recovery and then consistency to outlast the opponent.
Part of our skills training involved various combinations of volleys and overheads as we work forward to make the students comfortable at net. The consistency, during co-operative rallies, is getting stronger. This includes "volley to volley", "3/4" court rallies as well as full court rallies. Coach Ines and I both enjoyed hitting with the students this week during the warm up portion of the class.
From Head Coach Jay Barlow

The players continue to work on their movement and getting in better position to receive the ball. Reacting to the opponents shot before it crosses the net has been challenging, but some good improvement made so far. Quickly reading the height, speed and spin of the ball will be our focus over the next few weeks as we improve our full court singles play.