Week of November 9th - 13th, 2020

We have had another great week!
Note that ACE along with Cedar Springs Club will run an interclub tournament at the club tomorrow Saturday November 14th for players of all levels. The U10 draw is for kids born in the years 2010 – 2012 and an U12 draw for kids born in the 2008 – 2010. The tournament format will be the following: Round Robin format with minimum 3 matches guaranteed. Scoring: Pro set to 8 games, no ads (45min time limit) U10 green dot balls & U12 regular balls on full court. Wait for update on results next week!

Kyrylo Tabunshchyk,
Vice President / General Manager ACE Tennis Burlington
From Head Coach Anna Momot

We are 5 weeks into the second cycle and it has flown by in a flash! Coach Kirill and I feel confident that the knowledge from the last 5 weeks has been solidified.
We left the last practice of the cycle for the games relating to scoring, and we were so surprised at how well they were doing! They were being so competitive and fighting for each point. It looked like a real game with real rallies! We can confidently say that our Team is ready for the next cycle!
From Head Coach Walker Lamarche

The Futures Team players had the opportunity to show their skills this week with a lot of matchplay and games. I saw all the kids learning and smiling having fun, and even though some of the tactics were not used as well as they could have been, we are on the right track!
This week we had so much fun playing points and games. These kids are improving fast and we are all so proud of them. We have a great team and I hope that we can bring this success into the next cycle!
From Head Coach Brandon Alguire

This was the last week of cycle 2 where the group practiced moving their opponent by winning crosscourt battles and looking to change direction down the line.
The overall effort and intensity was much better than last week and this translated into much better performances from many of the players. Next week we start a new cycle on using variation to disrupt or surprise the opponent. This will include introducing serving & volleying, using a slice on low balls and how to play high on the opponent’s BH in order to hopefully create an attacking opportunity. You will also be receiving the end of cycle report which outlines everything that was covered over the last 5 weeks on court and in fitness. 
From Head Coach Jay Barlow

This was our final week of cycle 2 training. The players competed in different match situations and showed improvement in starting the point and shot selection during the rally. More focus is needed for executing the fundamental patterns of play and improving shot quality in those patterns. We will also be working more on our attacking skills and finishing points at the net. Next week will be the beginning of cycle 3 training.
From Head Coach Mike Hall

Week 5 of our cycle closes out our topic of opening up the court with strong diagonals to take control. We trained the topic in doubles situations more often this week, which allowed us to continue to work on our net play and how to close the net in doubles. 
Our International Team continued to train hard focusing a lot on the technical tactical side of the footwork in the mornings. Our UTR matchplay day closed out the week of training with some very competitive 3 set matches being contested. Congrats to the players for a strong effort. We used the opportunity to learn from some strong performance this past weekend in league play by our coach Kirill Kudyma winning in 3 sets with many ACE players there to cheer him on. We were able to discuss the mental side of league play last week focusing on dealing with adversity by staying calm in the moment.

We look forward to starting a new cycle next week which will focus on “Using variation to disrupt the opponent”.