Weekly Advocacy Wrap-Up: February 12
What is it?
On February 4, President Biden signed an executive order to restore the nation’s refugee resettlement program. As of October 1, 2020, the government capped resettlement at only 15,000, the lowest in modern history. The Biden administration has begun the work of rebuilding the country’s capacity to resettle refugees, may increase the cap this year, and has committed to increasing the cap to 125,000 next year.

How does it relate to our past work?
A century ago, NCJW NY established an agency at Ellis Island to support and aid immigrant families, with partner offices in 250 cities providing job training and legal aid for immigrant women. Our work to support refugees, immigrants, and asylum seekers continue to this day. During the previous administration, NCJW vociferously opposed measures to limit refugee resettlement and consistently called for restoring the program to full strength and admitting as many refugees as possible. 

What can I do now?
Show your support for refugee resettlement on social media using this sample post:
The Torah teaches us to love the stranger. We must rebuild our nation’s refugee resettlement program and welcome at least 125,000 refugees next year. #RefugeesWelcome #NCJW
Torah Study with Rabbi Scott Fox,
Temple Israel Long Beach
Saturday, February 13 at 8:45 am on Zoom
NCJW has organized a nationwide Shabbat on February 12-13 to discuss women's reproductive rights. As part of our section’s programming on this issue, we are partnering with Temple Israel Long Beach. In honor of this Shabbat, and inspired by the content of the Torah Portion, Mishpatim, that week, Rabbi Fox will dedicate Saturday morning Torah Study at Temple Israel to this special Shabbat. Come learn and discuss Jewish views on reproductive rights with the Temple Israel community. All are welcome.   

Reproductive Justice: Rights & Access At Risk
Monday, February 22 at 7 pm on Zoom

NCJW Greater Long Beach & West Orange County is excited to host a virtual panel discussion about reproductive health, rights, and justice. Dr. Michele Bratcher Goodwin will discuss the shocking, wrongful criminalization impacting women of color in all aspects of reproductive health and motherhood in the U.S., as described in her book “Policing the Womb.” Shannon Olivieri Hovis will talk about legislative priorities around reproductive justice for 2021. And Nourbese Flint will discuss Black women’s health issues, and struggles for access to care for low-income and women of color. We will learn how we can be allies and advocates for reproductive justice.

Register here: 
NCJWebinar (open to the public) 
Wednesday, February 24 at 7pm ET/ 4pm PT

Join NCJW CEO Sheila Katz and NCJW Scholar in Residence Danya Ruttenberg and advocates from across the country for a feminist Purim celebration! We’ll nosh some Hamantaschen (bake your own at home) and hear an English megillah reading focusing on Vashti as our original Time’s Up whistleblower and Esther as our original #MeToo shero. Register here.
Several churches in the Los Angeles / San Bernardino area have converted or are in the process of converting unused space into temporary shelters for immigrants.
Church Shelters will soon House 24 Immigrants:  Three shelters are currently housing nine (9) immigrants, mostly asylum seekers who have never lived in the USA. Three others will soon welcome an additional fifteen (15) immigrants released from Adelanto.
NCJW GLB & WOC’s partner CLUE has an Instrumental Role:  
CLUE helps shelters convert their space and assists them in all phases of operations. Setting up and operating shelters requires money and cash donations are always welcome. Here is a list of items that are needed as well.

Needed items:
  • blankets for twins and queen size beds (new or gently used)
  • sheets for twins and queen size beds (new or very gently used)
  • towels & washcloths for showers and face (new only)
  • plastic tupperware 
  • toaster (2) 
  • microwave (1) 
  • shampoos and body wash
  • toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • toilet paper (big demand)
  • semi-gloss white paint for bathroom and kitchen 
  • dry food for pantry
  • Gift Cards in $25 amounts to Ralphs & Target

Contact Section member Naomi Steinfeld at info@ncjwlongbeach.org or
(657) 235-2511 to arrange pick up or drop off by Feb. 28.
Join NCJW CA's Rapid Response Team

Each year, in consultation with the California Sections and with key partner organizations, the State Policy Advocates (SPAs) select legislative priorities, which Rapid Response Team members then support by responding to SPA-requests for contacts with legislators, a legislative committee, or the Governor in the form of emails or telephone calls. Serving on the Rapid Response Team is an easy way to contribute to effective advocacy activities without a major commitment of time or effort.

You can sign up here: https://forms.gle/Um1pfsWp9wUUMpeW9
Welcoming the Stranger - 2021
Immigration: Hope for a New Start
Sunday, March 3 at 3 pm on Zoom

The program will feature speakers on 
  • the status of the Biden Administration's Immigration Bill and its impact on the undocumented, Dreamers, TPS recipients and others 
  • the situation at the United States — Mexico border and the current policies regarding refugees and asylum seekers 
  • the opportunity for local and national advocacy 

Questions can be addressed to advocacy@ncjwlongbeach.org

Register here: 
Homelessness 411: Resources and Opportunities
in Greater Long Beach and Orange County
Sunday, March 21 from 4 pm - 6 pm on Zoom

A community event on the topic of housing/homelessness co-sponsored by NCJW and League of Women Voters Long Beach Area is planned for March 21, 2021 4-6pm. Speakers will include representatives from United Way of Long Beach and Orange County, affordable housing providers and community services. For further information email info@ncjwlongbeach.org or phone (657) 235-2511.