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2018 Legislative Session
Tuesday, May 8, 2018
Legislative Alert - A Day of Education Advocacy
A United Call to Action - Wednesday, May 9
The Minnesota School Boards Association (MSBA) is joining with our colleagues from the Minnesota Association of School Administrators (MASA), the Association of Metropolitan School Districts (AMSD) and other education organizations to advocate for important education funding proposals under consideration at the Capitol.

Specifically, we want you to contact your local legislators tomorrow, Wednesday, May 9, to ask them to support the following priorities: 
  •  $137.9 million in one-time, emergency funding for school districts. The much-needed funding would equate to $126 per pupil and help avoid or reduce staff layoffs and retain important programs for students.
  • Increase funding for special education to provide some relief to the growing special education cross-subsidy. In addition, support the creation of a legislative working group to develop recommendations to reduce, and eventually eliminate, the cross-subsidy.
  • Increase Safe Schools Revenue to allow school districts to enhance the safety and security of school buildings and hire critical support staff to ensure the safety of our students and staff.
Please make sure you identify yourself as a constituent when you call. If you have to leave a message, please follow up later with an email.
Thank you for taking a few minutes of your time to advocate for our students!

Who are my legislators or how do I contact them?

As session is coming to an end, please follow us on Twitter  for breaking news.
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