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Monday, March 19

We will begin our day at the Capitol Ridge Hotel and then move to the Capitol Complex.


2018 Legislative Session Preview
February 15, 2018
Early Bill Introductions
The early bill introductions give us a "peek" into the 2018 session. The bills that have been introduced
seem to focus on policy, or new requirements. If this is any indication of how the session will move forward, we will need to defend our position of local control. MSBA is pleased to see a special education work group bill introduced.   
H.F. 2724 would prohibit school lunch providers from shaming students and requires meal policies to be posted to school web sites. As well as creating a statewide supplementary reserve fund.
H.F. 2734 would allow school districts to access personnel files of prospective teachers from their employing districts.
H.F. 2738 would require the commissioner of education to develop child abuse awareness posters and for districts to display them.
H.F. 2744 would set the minimum required pupil transportation distance to one mile for high school student and the lesser of five blocks or one-half mile for elementary students.
H.F. 2788 would require school counselors to receive training in armed forces career options.
  H.F. 2794 would make members and employees of the Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board and the Board of School Administrators mandated reporters.
H.F. 2825 would authorize certain nonpublic students in grade 10 to participate in career and technical courses offered through the post-secondary enrollment options program.
H.F. 2846 would establish a special education working group to review costs and delivery of services; requiring a report.
H.F. 2859 would require state assessments be administered in May.
As session progresses, we will provide updates on significant bills that have been heard.

Session Preview
House and Senate leaders, along with Governor Mark Dayton, participated in an annual briefing to answer questions about the upcoming legislative session. Topics included legislative funding, pensions, sexual harassment policies and bonding.

There was a unanimous prediction that the state will have a budget surplus to work with during the upcoming session rather than the $188 million deficit predicted several weeks ago in the 2017 November Budget and Economic Forecast.

The most recent report puts the state's General Fund revenues nearly 16 percent higher in January than had been previously predicted. The four legislative leaders predict a surplus of between $600 million and $1 billion.  The release of the February forecast is scheduled for Feb. 28.

WATCH: Legislative leaders preview the 2018 session
Special Education Resolutions Gain Momentum 

One of the early bill introductions is H.F. 2846, would establish a special education working group to review costs and the delivery of services. It would also require a report from the group to the Legislature.
MSBA began a campaign at the Delegate Assembly to get districts to sign federal and state special education resolutions. The federal resolution seeks increases in funding for federal special education mandates and the state resolution asks the Legislature to convene a task force to work on funding, especial with a focus on the new funding formulas.

To date, MSBA has received over 140 resolutions from districts across Minnesota. It is not too late to pass resolutions in your district if you haven't already. Visit our homepage for forms. If you have passed resolutions, please email them to
Spec Ed Map 214

Early in February, MSBA's Kirk Schneidawind and Denise Dittrich were joined by our board of directors in Washington, D.C.. They were able to meet with members of Congress and present our federal special education resolutions.


In Other News
Also, special elections were held Monday evening for the two vacant seats in the House and Senate. The GOP and DFL each held onto their seats. Karla Bigham will represent Senate District 54 and R Jeremy Munson will represent House District 23B.

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