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2018 Legislative Session
Special Edition - April 11, 2018

Legislative Update
Education Policy Bill Comparisons
The House ( H.F. 3315), Senate ( S.F. 3086) and Gov. Mark Dayton put together their education policy omnibus bills. Despite a short session these bills have significant policy changes --- more concerning, there are more mandates. These changes impact student discipline, data privacy, a star-rating system for accountability reporting, and new curriculum requirements.

We have gone through each bill and because of the size  of some of the provision changes, we have separated the bills into three sections and highlighted the new requirements that would impact school boards and school districts. We continue to follow the discussions and movement of the bills with legislators. Your input is welcome and encouraged.

Teacher Retirement Association (TRA)
Recently, MSBA Executive Director Kirk Schneidawind joined other education organizations in signing a letter of support for the omnibus pension bill (S.F. 2620/ H.F. 3053). The letter in part says, "The bill reforms and stabilizes our pension funds and reflects collaborative work by the various stakeholders."
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