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Monday, March 19

We will begin our day at the Capitol Ridge Hotel and then move to the Capitol Complex.

  • Welcome to Day at the Capitol
  • Advocacy
  • Update on Education Policy and Finance Issues
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Meetings and Reception with Legislators
Call the Best Western Plus Capitol Ridge at 651-227-8711 and ask for the "MSBA room block" (for $139).

Note: The hotel block closes on March 5.


2018 Legislative Session
February 21, 2018
90th Legislative Session Begins
Yesterday marked the first day of the 2018 legislative session. Legislators began their work on tax conformity,  K-12 education and other areas. There is a great deal to accomplish in the next 13 weeks in order to finish by the constitutional end date of May 21. 

In a rather surprising move, within moments of the start of session, both the House and Senate formed a conference committee and appointed conferees for H.F. 947, an education bill from last session dealing with the general education aid calculation. There were additional budget area conference committees and conferees formed and appointed as well. The issue of restoring House and Senate funding is yet to be addressed.

We hope to keep you informed each week through the Weekly Advocate, which will be published every Monday. Each update will have bill introductions, updates on committee hearings and other relevant topics. Please encourage your colleagues to sign up for the Weekly Advocate.

The House Innovation Policy Committee will meet at 8:15 a.m. Thursday and House Education Finance will meet at 1:00 p.m.

The Senate E-12 Finance will have a hearing on telecommunication aid Monday afternoon at 3:00 p.m. MSBA has worked diligently with Education Superhighway and the Minnesota K-12 Connect Forward Initiative (Governor Dayton, Minnesota Department of Education (MDE), the Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED)) on this issue for the past two years to bring access to scalable infrastructure, high-speed affordable internet.

You can track what is happening at the Capitol each week with the weekly calendar and watch hearings of interest online. House Session Daily also provides an excellent daily recap.
Bill Introductions
As session progresses, we will provide updates on significant bills that have been heard.

S.F. 2455 - Teacher training to include dyslexia instructional strategies requirement.(Clausen)

S.F. 2465 - Educational child sexual abuse prevention curriculum expansion to include child sex trafficking prevention in academic standard. (Anderson, P.)

S.F. 2477 - Enhanced debt service equalization for school districts. (Lourey)

S.F. 2487 -  A school board must adopt a written academic balance policy, with regard to social and political viewpoints, for students and all school personnel. (Nelson)

S.F. 2492 -Child abuse awareness posters establishment. (Clausen)

S.F. 2500 - Nonresident pupils within resident school districts transportation provisions and achievement and integration district transfers modification.  (Goggin)

S.F. 2506 - Expiring school referendum renewal by action of school board authorization. (Wiger)

S.F. 2507 - School districts safe schools levy authority increase; school districts use of safe schools levy to enhance cyber-security authorization. (Wiger)

S.F. 2508 - School facilities improvement revenue establishment and appropriation. (Wiger)

Other Bills of Interest
S.F. 2471 - ( Higher Ed) Teachers nonconsecutive years extended leave of absence permission for Minnesota state colleges and universities (MnSCU). (Cwodzinski)

S.F. 2473 - (State Government) Volkswagen settlement account creation and legislative oversight and administration requirements. (Bakk)

S.F. 2522 - Independent school district #882, Monticello; special education aid payment increase requirement. (Anderson, B.)

  S.F. 2528 - Senate and house of representatives appropriations. (Gazelka)

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