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MSBA 2017 Platform

Key Platform Provisions are:
  • Investing in All of our Students
  • Ensure Every Student has a Qualified and Committed Teacher
  • Support the Work of Locally Elected School Boards
  • Equity And Student Achievement
  • 21st Century Facilities
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Monday Legislative Briefing
May 3, 2017 - Week 18.5
A Legislative Alert from the GR Team
Budgets and Conference Committee Meetings
After last Friday's House and Senate announcement of two-way targets, conference committees met over the weekend and the first part of this week. All have posted their agreements on the omnibus bills.

This is a special update to help you stay informed of the latest developments here in St. Paul. We have reviewed the conference reports of all committees for education provisions and have included them in sections below.

We still need your voice in St. Paul as the Senate and House leadership await further negotiations with the Governor for a three-way target. Please reach out to Speaker Daudt, Majority Leader Gazelka and Governor Dayton to let them know with a $1.6 billion surplus, a 1.5 percent increase in education and a target of $303 million is not only not enough, it isn't fair.

E-12 Finance H.F. 890
The E-12 Conference Committees met Tuesday evening; however, they still need to take final action on the conference committee report. MSBA has been following many issues closely throughout session and want to draw particular attention to those:
  • Formula: Increases 1.5% per year
  • Compensatory revenue remains linked to the formula and compensatory pilots are rolled into the compensatory formula and made permanent.Increase in Compensatory over base must be used for extended time activities.
  • Voluntary Pre-K program is repealed. School districts currently receiving voluntary Pre-K will receive the same level of funding through School Readiness permanently.
  • Pupil transportation formula is adjusted to close gap between actual expenses and transportation aid by paying 18 percent of the difference for certain districts.
  • Pathway II Scholarships are frozen at the FY17 level.
  • Pathway I Scholarship funding is increased by $9.5 million per year in the 2018-19 biennium and by $10 million per year in the 2020-21 biennium.
  • Concurrent Enrollment Teacher Training grants receive $375,000 annually.
  • Perpich Arts School will close June 30, 2018 and the commissioner of administration is directed to convey or sell Crosswinds School as soon as possible after July 1, 2017.
  • Unrequested Leave of Absence (ULA) requires school boards and teachers to negotiate a plan that does not require seniority.
  • Multiple teacher shortage provisions (See spreadsheet below).
  • Innovation Zones pilot created.
Conference Committee Change Items Budget
E-12 Conference Committee:
House: Loon (Chair), Erickson, Bennett, Kresha and M. Murphy
Senate: Nelson (Chair), Pratt, Weber, Eichorn and Wiger

Teacher Licensure H.F. 140
The Teacher Licensure Conference Committees met Monday morning and adopted its conference committee report.
  • Teacher shortage policies and programs will be negotiated in the Teacher Licensure Committee.
Conference Committee on H.F. 140
Chairs: Sen. Eric R. Pratt and Rep. Sondra Erickson
CONFEREES: Senate: Pratt; Housley; Kent - House: Erickson; Bennett; Mariani

Higher Education S.F. 2214 
The Higher Education Conference Committees met Monday morning and adopted its conference committee report.
  • Teacher shortage provisions
  • Enrichment programs

Education Provisions in Higher Education Bill  


Chairs: Sen. Michelle L. Fischbach and Rep. Bud Nornes
CONFEREES: Senate: Fischbach; Clausen; Draheim; Jensen; Anderson, P. - House: Nornes; Omar; Daniels; Christensen; Whelan
Jobs and Economic Development S.F. 1937 
Tuesday afternoon, the conference committee members met and adopted its conference committee report.
  • Construction career grants
  • Telecommunications - Broadband
  • Youth skills training

Education Provisions in Jobs and Economic Development Bill


Chairs: Sen. Jeremy R. Miller and Rep. Pat Garofalo 
CONFEREES: Senate: Miller; Anderson, P.; Champion; Dahms; Osmek - House: Garofalo; O'Neill; Mahoney; Hoppe; Newberger
State Government Finance S.F. 605 
Tuesday afternoon, the conference committee members met and adopted its conference committee report.
  • School district health insurance

Education Provisions in State Government Finance Bill 

Chairs: Sen. Mary Kiffmeyer and Rep. Sarah Anderson
CONFEREES: SENATE: Kiffmeyer; Anderson, B.; Hall; Laine; Koran - HOUSE: Anderson; Dettmer; Fenton; Nash; O'Driscoll 

Taxes H.F. 4 
Tuesday afternoon, the conference committee members met and adopted its conference committee report.
  • Ag credit
  • Tax credits for private education
  • School board elections

Education Provisions in Tax Bill 

Chairs: Sen. Roger C. Chamberlain and Rep. Greg Davids
CONFEREES: Senate: Chamberlain; Miller; Rest; Dahms; Senjem - House: Davids; McDonald; Drazkowski; Hertaus; Marquart 
The Legislative Commission on Pensions and Retirement has a full slate of meetings scheduled the first week in May. The pensions bill is expected to be introduced anytime. 

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