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Monday, March 19

We will begin our day at the Capitol Ridge Hotel and then move to the Capitol Complex.

  • Welcome to Day at the Capitol
  • Advocacy
  • Update on Education Policy and Finance Issues
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Meetings and Reception with Legislators
Call the Best Western Plus Capitol Ridge at 651-227-8711 and ask for the "MSBA room block" (for $139).

**Note: The hotel block closes on March 5.**

School Safety
School safety has been become a top priority in the House and Senate. In response, MSBA sent a letter to education leaders. There will be a hearing Tuesday where MSBA will be part of a panel to discuss school safety.
2018 Legislative Session
Week 3 - March 5, 2018

Special Education Update
MSBA's Denise Dittrich testified Wednesday in the House and Senate education policy committees in support of bills creating a special education study group or legislative work group. Within her testimony, Dittrich was able to cite quotes from school board members from several different newspaper articles published on school boards passing special education resolutions. Session Daily featured the House meeting in a recent article.
Testimony Begins at 11:15 on Link

The bills ( H.F. 2846 and S.F. 2698) received overwhelming support from several education organizations. A major difference between the two bills is the member make-up. The House bill focuses on members from various stakeholder groups, while the Senate bill's group is comprised of legislators.

Thus far, more than 170 school districts have passed  resolutions as the map below indicates. The map was shared at the committee meeting Thursday and has been used multiple times in meetings. It makes an impact! If you haven't passed resolutions, we urge you to do so. Resolution forms can be found on our homepage. Please email signed forms to
Let's fill this map with green!
As of 3-1-2018

Legislative Meetings 
Monday, March 5, 2018
9:15 a.m.
Legislative Permanent School Fund Commission  
Room: Basement State Office Building 
Chair: Rep. Dale Lueck 
Update on all school trust related legislation that has been introduced 
HF1233 / SF1028 : Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) school trust land sale funding provided, appropriation extended, and money appropriated. 
HF1735 / SF2189 : School trust land administration transferred, school trust management account established, and rulemaking authorized. 
HF2499 / SF2258 : Permanent school fund compensation for certain lands based on general fund forecast appropriation. 
HF2936 / SF2737 : School trust land and administration transferred, school trust management account established, rulemaking authorized, and report required. 
HF3046 / SF2574 : Legislative Permanent School Fund Commission directed to evaluate governance changes, and report required. 
HF3047 / SF2575 : Legislative Permanent School Fund Commission directed to conduct a study on school district borrowing, and report required. 
HF0000 / SF2702 : Study of the feasibility of a program to authorize school districts to borrow from a permanent school fund appropriation.

3:00 p.m.
Committee on E-12 Finance 
Chair: Sen. Carla J. Nelson 
Room 1100 Minnesota Senate Bldg. 
Multiple presentations on neuro-science on brain deveopment.

Tuesday, March 6, 2017 
8:15 a.m.    
Education Innovation Policy 
Room: 10 State Office Building 
Chair: Rep. Sondra Erickson 

H.F. 2795: Loon Teacher code of ethics codified, background checks required, mandatory reporting expanded, grounds for teacher discharge expanded, and criminal sexual conduct offenses for persons in current or recent positions of authority of juveniles expanded.

H.F. 2777: Fenton Grounds for teacher license revocation, suspension, or denial expanded; and grounds for teacher discharge expanded.

H.F. 2794: Davnie Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board and Board of School Administrators members and employees made mandated reporters.

H.F. 3035: Gruenhagen Secondary school behavior specified for criminal sexual conduct in the third and fourth degrees.

1:00 p.m. 
3:00 p.m.
Committee on E-12 Policy
Chair: Sen. Eric R. Pratt 
Room 1100 Minnesota Senate Bldg. 
S.F. 2920: Pratt Nonexclusionary pupil disciplinary policies and practices; pupil removal and dismissal alternatives.
S.F. 2737: Eichorn School trust lands administration transfer and school trust management account establishment.
S.F. 1961: Abeler Student Data Privacy Act.
SF 1961 A-1 (PDF)
S.F. 2639: Wiger World's Best Workforce requirements modification.

5:30 p.m.
Legislative Commission on Pensions and Retirement
Room: 1200 Minnesota Senate Building
Chair: Sen. Julie A. Rosen
S.F.2620 (Rosen); H.F.3035 (O' Driscoll): 2018 Omnibus Retirement Bill, second consideration - Public testimony will be taken. 
We Want Your Input! 
Thanks to those of you who have already taken our short survey. If you haven't, please take a 3-minute survey to help us better advocate on your behalf. Information from our members is key for messaging. MSBA has a number of legislative priorities to focus on this session. The topics are based on members' needs and concerns, as well as priorities the Government Relations team has been following.

Keep in Touch
You can track what is happening at the Capitol each week with the weekly calendar and watch hearings of interest online.

We will keep you informed each week through the Weekly Advocate, published every Monday. Please encourage your colleagues to  sign up for the Weekly Advocate. Don't forget to share and retweet it on Facebook and Twitter.
Bill Introductions
Important bills introduced week of February 26-March 1

H. F. 3046 - directing the Legislative Permanent School Fund Commission to evaluate governance changes; requiring a report. (Fischer)

H. F. 3047 - directing the Legislative Permanent School Fund Commission to conduct a study on school district borrowing; requiring a report. (Fischer)

H. F. 3048 - increasing equalization levels for school district referendum levies, local optional levies, and debt service levies. (Fischer)

H. F. 3068 - requiring school districts to pay the cost of a college entrance exam for all students in grade 11 or 12; appropriating money to reimburse districts for college entrance exam costs. (Fischer)

H. F. 3070 - allowing for completion of nationally normed college entrance exam as high school graduation requirement. (Fischer)

H. F. 3071 -  modifying world's best workforce requirements. (Fischer)

H. F. 3073 - fully funding school lunches for all students; appropriating money. (Thissen)

H. F. 3094 - requiring certain information to be available in the polling place for school district bond referendums; amending the ballot language required for school district bond referendums.(Lohmer)

H. F. 3097- amending requirements for charter school authorizers. (Erickson)

H. F. 3117 -  establishing a grant program to increase student access to licensed library media specialists. (Kunesh-Podein)

H. F. 3118 - linking operating referendum equalization factors to statewide growth in property tax base. (McDonald)

S.F. No. 2761 - modifying standardized assessment requirements. (Wiger)

S.F. No. 2774 - appropriating money for suicide prevention training for teachers. (Nelson)

S.F. No. 2810 -  increasing funding for English learners. (Pappas)

S.F. No. 2813 - prohibiting limits on school district hiring authority. (Dahms)

S.F. No. 2816 - requiring the commissioner of education to develop an academic achievement rating system to track student achievement, academic growth, and achievement gap closure rates in schools and districts. (Chamberlain)

S.F. No. 2856 - authorizing certain nonpublic students in grade 10 to participate in career and technical courses offered through the post-secondary enrollment options program. (Newman)

S.F. No. 2900 -fire safety; authorizing alternative fire drills for schools and educational institutions. (Pratt)
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