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April 02, 2021

Here’s the latest news from our Community of Faith.
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Staff Update
Joanne Feuer is taking some time off and will return to the office on Monday, April 12. Nikkie Ripka (nikkie@peninsulaunited.com) and Beth Henderson will be covering the office while she is away.
Rev. Janice is on vacation April 4-11
Worship this Week
Easter Sunday, April 4, 2021
Join us for a joyful celebration of the resurrection of Christ, and the new life it brings us all. Our Easter celebration will feature some special music and includes communion so please bring some bread and juice to our worship space. The celebration continues as we welcome new members to Peninsula United Church (see our new members profiled below)!
Scripture: John 20: 1-18

The Worship video is also available from our website
We miss you! Please join us for Sunday Coffee Hour
(11 am Sunday Morning)
Please continue joining us for coffee time after church. You can join by Zoom or by telephone. We meet all together and then move into break-out rooms of four or five people. Since the congregational meeting more and more people are joining in. It's so nice to see the familiar faces!!!!

The Stairwell Singers will help us celebrate the April birthdays during Zoom coffee on April 4, 2021! If you can, bring a piece of cake and a candle to the Zoom Room.

Here's how to join us:
Click here to join us via zoom video on your computer.
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Or join us for Coffee Hour by Telephone - just like the old party lines!
Three simple steps:
Dial 778 907 2071
Enter Meeting ID: 889 2198 7192, then press the # key
Enter the Passcode: 382024 + #key
ThirdSpace Conversation Café
Join Rev. Bruce for our weekly Thirdspace Conversation Café...
Every Wednesday at 10:30 - 11:30am VIA ZOOM!
Join us for a gently facilitated conversation! 

Join us on Zoom:

For password, please email: assistant@ourthirdspace.com or call Bruce... 
...or for further information click here!
Membership Transfers
Noreen Domeier - from Colebrook United Church, Surrey, BC

I have been a member of U. C. since age 15.
I am a widow - my husband Gordon died in 2017. We were married in 1962, had 3 children - son & two daughters. We have the same number of grandchildren.
I was fortunate to be raised by parents who were very loving and church attending.
Noretta and Ralph Gough - from St. Stephen’s United Church, Delta, BC
Noretta and Ralph live in a house that Noretta designed, on a farm overlooking Boundary Bay where they raise cattle and hay, along with a few other animals and crops. They attended St. Stephen’s United Church in East Delta for many years, attracted there by the welcoming people who became like family and the inspirational yet down-to-earth preaching. They started coming to Peninsula UC after St. Stephen’s was closed in November 2019 and were happy to find the same characteristics in the congregation here. They were both raised in church-going families, although not the United Church. Noretta was half of the team responsible for St. Stephen’s amazing seasonal decorations.
Nancy Painter – from St. Stephen’s United Church, Delta, BC
After St. Stephen’s United Church closed in November 2019, Nancy decided to attend one church for all of Advent before looking for a new long-term church home. She came to PUC and has never left. She grew up in the United Church in rural Manitoba, was away from it for some time and eventually found her way back through St. Stephen’s. She and her husband live in Newton; their three adult children live in Surrey and Vancouver. She has just begun the three-year Designated Lay Ministry program through St. Andrew’s College in Saskatoon. Her cats like to crash her Zoom classes as much as they do meetings.
John & Angela Taggart - from United Churches of Langley, Langley, BC
John and Angela were married in the United Church of Canada in Chilliwack in 1967. They dubbed the occasion as their Canadian Centennial Celebration. When they settled in Richmond, they attended South Arm United Church for decades and were very active in the church and local communities.
When John and Angela decided to move to the White Rock/South Surrey area, they took a detour. Their journey took them almost a decade with attendance at Gilmore Park, Bethany Newton and Langley United Churches. 

They have been watching the online services at the Crescent site and said they are grateful for the dedicated, resilient ministry and for the input of so many talented, caring people who participate in and present the services. John and Angela have enjoyed meeting people during online Sunday coffee hour and are looking forward to live church services and activities. They appreciate the good deeds and services of the vibrant church community as outlined in the biannual reports and in the well-presented, informative weekly Bulletins.
John and Angela are pleased to become members of Peninsula United Church on this glorious Easter Sunday. 

Larry Todd - from Central United Church, Brandon, Manitoba
When I was born I found out that the world wasn't ready for me yet, because I was required to stay in the hospital an extra month or two before going to my new home. By that time my mother was used to my absence, and so I received love without affection. Growing up I learned that it was alright to be white as long as I stayed in my own group. To make my way in the world I needed to be certified. That required going back to school to ensure that I kept my teaching job and then again to work in the church. Relationships were a tricky matter, as I fumbled and bumbled my way along. I often feel it was more luck than skill that I'm still here. So, after over seven decades of living on this earth I can say with certainty the following:
  • I'm still learning. I don't think that will ever stop, although the older I get the better it seems to get. That thing called wisdom appears to have some influence that wasn't as obvious before.
  • God still loves me. Every year that seems even more miraculous!
  • People are basically good,even with their imperfections.
  • And I'm blessed to be part of the life and work of Peninsula United Church because of the people and what they do as a congregation for the betterment of others under God's direction and enabling.
Pat & Jim Young - from Deer Lake United Church, Burnaby BC
Pat and Jim were married at Deer Lake United Church in 1978 and were involved in that church for the next 35 years. Both loved singing in the choir and working on many committees over the years. Naramata Summer School of Music was high on their priority list for summer vacations, along with water skiing on Christina Lake in the Kootenays.
Pat worked programming, installing, and selling computers in the 70’s and 80’s. Later worked in administration in two Burnaby United Churches, and finally Ministry Personnel for the United Church Conference Office. Jim was a typographical printer for Pacific Press Sun and Province for 47 years!
They have a daughter Susan and an 8-year-old grandson Sebastian, who live in Vancouver.
Pat and Jim enjoy travelling in the winter and playing golf in the summer. They are happy to have made a new home in South Surrey.
Easter greetings from Emily and Stuart Hinson and family from their new home in Redmond, WA.
Emily's Mom was able to travel from Georgia to help the family unpack and settle in. Their reunion after a year apart was joyous!. 
Your presence is requested at the THEOLOGICAL BANQUET
Five Tuesdays starting April 20 7:00-8:30 pm on Zoom.
What is the THEOLOGICAL BANQUET?  It's an amazing study created by United Church folks in Pacific Mountain Region.  Learn how different ways of living our faith, shape and strengthen our congregation.  We all belong. Your own lived faith may lean towards the evangelical, ecclesial, missional, ecumenical, or spiritual. What does this even mean??!! Find out at the Theological Banquet.

RSVP please! Register now here .

Strategic Leadership Committee (SLC) Update
The SLC meeting was held on Tuesday March 16, 2021 on Zoom. The meeting focused on four main topics:
  •  It was announced to the SLC by Jean, that our Music Director Denice Grant was resigning her position as choir director as of April 15, 2021. Denice and Ozzie are relocating to Brazil to be closer to her family. A Needs Assessment Team is being set up regarding the music leadership and live-streaming position.
  • The SLC briefly reviewed the results of the Ministers' priorities for the next six to nine months. The four clusters (Congregational Connections, Congregational Development, Families, and Worship) were considered and weighted. The weighting reflects a concern about “the Body and Faith Formation”. These findings will then go to M&P for consideration and direction.
  • The SLC members had viewed the Theological Banquet videos and expressed their opinions on them. Reverend Janice Young announced a steering committee was formed and will meet March 17th. The project will run from just after Easter until Pentecost.
  • The Governance Model was discussed, and three possible options were presented. It was pointed out that the Ministry Coordinating Team (MCT) was beginning to feel comfortable in their roles as they deal with the convenors on practical items. SLC members will prayerfully consider the governance issue for the April meeting.
From Ministry and Personnel:

Farewell to Denice Grant, who is leaving for Brazil to be closer to her family. Their gain is our loss.
Our congregation owes a huge amount of appreciation for Denice's contribution to our church life. The choir members sing her praises :)

We know that music is an essential part of our church worship life, but Denice has brought so much more. She ministered to the choir members as much as she taught musical skills. Not only did she raise the skill level of existing choir members (their words) but sought out people in the pews and encouraged them to join.

It was our good fortune to have Denice’s production skills along with others. They have added so much to our Worship services. I don’t think most of us have any idea how many hours it takes or the multitude of skills that are applied in the production of Sunday morning services. Denice deserves a huge amount of credit and she has shared her skills with others.

Denice’s gifts and contributions to our congregation will always be remembered.  We wish Denice all the best in her new adventure, she has imprinted our hearts and minds with her loving and giving personality.

Maria Booth
Convener, Ministry and Personnel
Birthdays are a wonderful reason to celebrate and call someone to have a chat!  

With your permission we are gathering first names only along with your month of birth, so that our community can celebrate 12 times a year bringing to mind these special days!

Please send your information to Janice Lesley at jevelinel@icloud.com or call
604-812-2159. On April 4, the April birthdays will be celebrated during our coffee time on zoom.
Shelter news, thanks and hopes for the future.
The Temporary Shelter very kindly hosted by Peace Portal Alliance Church will close March 31st.

Generous donations of clothing, food, toiletries, funds and your prayers have been appreciated by the many guests who were welcomed each night to the Shelter by Options staff. Thanks to the many volunteers including Donna Roy, Pat Young, Cheryl Lightowlers, Pat Heslop, Kathy Booth and many others from Peace Portal and the community who assisted in a variety of ways. We know our vulnerable neighbours continue to need a safe place of refuge even when the weather improves. There is a vision for a 24/7 Shelter next fall where more services can be offered.  Currently White Rock Mayor Walker has initiated conversations about an “At Risk and Vulnerable Population Task Force” with Cheryl Lightowlers, Kathy Booth and other stakeholders on the Peninsula. Your prayers, questions and offers of assistance are most welcome.

(Kathy- 604-535-0723; Cheryl- 604-538-7366)
An invitation to Online Worship Services with SABEEL from Jerusalem during Lent
Sabeel Liberation Theology Centre in Jerusalem is one of the Mission and Service global partners of the United Church of Canada.

SABEEL, with the cooperation of its friends, is holding online worship services during the season of Lent. On the 3rd of April there will be a worship service with Friends of Sabeel North America and on the 10th of April there will be a worship service with Friends of Sabeel-Kairos UK. 

You can click on the blue highlighted text to register on Zoom to participate in any one of the services.
Progress Report
Great weather and progress on the redevelopment of our Semiahmoo site.
Photo by Gordon Lapthorpe
Photo by Elizabeth Winkler
Covid 19 Vaccinations!
It’s such good news that many Seniors in our community and congregation have already received their first Covid-19 vaccine. Folks in their 70’s are now booking appointments and receiving their first jab.  If you were born in 1945 or earlier and have not received your immunization, you can book your appointment by visiting fraserhealth.ca/vaccinebooking; or by calling 1-855-755-2455

In the meantime, let’s keep up the good work of protecting one another by washing our hands, staying home when we’re sick, staying physically distant from people outside our bubble, and wearing a mask in public indoor spaces.
May these words from Laura Kelly Fanucci written in April 2020 help us persevere and remain open to God’s love and transformation

“When this is over,
may we never again take for granted;
A handshake with a stranger, Full shelves at the store,
Conversations with neighbors,
A crowded theater, Friday night out,
The taste of communion, A routine checkup,
The school rush each morning, Coffee with a friend,
The stadium roaring, Each deep breath! A boring Tuesday. Life itself.
When this ends, may we find that we have become more like the people we wanted to be,
we were called to be,
we hope to be,
and may we stay that way — better for each other because of the worst.”

Hello from Tierra Nueva!
Recently there was a gathering in Tierra Nueva for a study of the life of Saint Oscar Romero. It is 41 years since he was assassinated. He is a source of hope and inspiration to his fellow Salvadorans. Fundahmer conducted the afternoon session and provided resources. In the photo some of the adults are having a snack break.

Watch this video and listen for ‘Que Vive! ‘ (Kay vee vay! ) Ana Luz is the leader. She says “Good afternoon sisters and brothers of Peninsula We are meeting to reflect on the life of Monseñor Romero. Long live the sister community! (Group responds Que vive! May they live long!) Long live Monseñor Romero.! (Group responds Que vive! may he live long!)

We are very much a part of their lives. Que vive Tierra Nueva! 
Signs of Hope and New Life 

What signs of hope and new life are you seeing? Send us your photos: office@peninsulaunited.com.  
When sending pictures for inclusion in the weekly email or the worship video, the images work best if they are a minimum of 1000 pixels.
Photo: Nikkie Ripka
Photos: Janice Young: Flowers from the garden

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ThirdSpace Conversation Café
Join Rev. Bruce for our weekly Thirdspace Conversation Café...
Every Wednesday at 10:30 - 11:30am VIA ZOOM!
Join us for a gently facilitated conversation! 
Check ourthirdspace.com for upcoming topics.

To Join:
Online Via Zoom:
Meeting ID: 883 7065 1699
Password: Please contact us at assistant@ourthirdspace.com for password
Dial In:
Dial: 778 907 2071
Meeting ID: 883 7065 1699
Password: Please contact us at assistant@ourthirdspace.com for password
For further information click here!
ThirdSpace Virtual Drop-In Café - Online
Due to current BC Government restrictions on gatherings, our Drop-In is temporarily back online.

Friday morning 10am - 11am, grab your java and join us from the warmth and comfort of your own home!
How to join us:
Virtually Via Zoom: 
Meeting ID: 999 4167 9678 
Passcode: Please contact us at assistant@ourthirdspace.com 
Or Dial by Phone:
Dial: 778 907 2071 Canada
Meeting ID: 999 4167 9678
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More News
News from Affirming Ministry
In many countries, LGBTQA2S+ people live every day in fear for their safety and even their lives, which makes them eager to escape to countries like Canada that are more committed to equal rights for all. Read about this man who eventually escaped from Jordan to North America.
Centering Prayer Coffee and Conversation
Tuesdays at 8 am
We are a small group of 4-12 people who gather for 20 minutes of contemplative, silent prayer,
followed by coffee and conversation. 
Due to increased numbers of Covid 19 infections in the Fraser Health area, we have resumed praying in our individual homes on Tuesday mornings followed by zoom coffee at 8 am. Join us here. 
For more information contact Rev. Janice Young:
When our Health Officer permits, we will begin meeting in person on the first Tuesday of the month in the sanctuary at the Crescent site to pray in silence and then visit. 
To learn more about Centering Prayer watch this 8 minute introduction video by Thomas Keating.

Click here for information on how to continue your offerings during this changing time.

News from the Wider Church & Community
Invitation to Worship: Moderator's Good Friday Service

On the morning of April 2, join the Moderator and members of the General Council Executive for a Good Friday service on the United Church's YouTube channel. We will gather online to remember stories of Jesus' final hour, and sing and pray together. Find out more.
Substance Use Resources
“The opposite of addiction is connection” to self and others. The following resources provide pathways to connections for recovery:

A Message from First United Church Community Ministry Society
Let's celebrate our accomplishments together...
2020 was a time of great upheaval and hardships, but we feel a deep pride for how FIRST UNITED persevered to do one thing: help those who call the Downtown Eastside home. Today, we’re excited to share with you our 2020 Annual Report. We hope you’ll read on to see how you, as an important friend and part of our community, helped to protect a vulnerable neighbourhood during two public health emergencies and an unprecedented moment in history:
Naramata Centre - Summer Programs!

Have you already made safe plans for your summer vacation?  If not, Naramata Centre will be offering programs and accommodation for all ages this summer (within Covid restrictions at the time). 

Be prepared to sign up on February 3rd. Check out their website at Naramata Centre Society.
Surrey Hospice Society Presents
Embracing Your Death in Life Series With Special Guest Stephen Garrett​
Starts April 15
Series 1: April 15th 2021 7:00 PM - Are You All Ready to Go?
Series 2: April 29th 2021 7:00 PM - Creating Personal Rituals that Work
Series 3: May 13th 2021 7:00 PM - The Unique Art of Grief
Prayer Ministry Requests:
During the Coronavirus Pandemic, since we are no longer placing written requests in the sanctuary Prayer Box, members and adherents can submit prayer requests to Louise Bureau or Olive Lee by email or phone. 

You can find our contact information in the church directory. If phoning in a request, please phone before 8 PM. You may also submit requests through our ministers. Thank-you. It is our privilege to serve you through our prayer ministry.
Your Ministers are Here for you!
Although Janice and Bruce cannot do home visits at this time, they are happy to speak with you by phone, especially if you are struggling with anxiety, health or family crises. 
Janice: 604-531-2979 ext.2 or 778-980-8310
Bruce: 604-531-2979 ext.3 or 604-992-9183 
Announcements Deadline
Weekly bulletin announcements must be in the office by 10 am on Wednesdays. 

Email to office@peninsulaunited.com or call 604-531-2979.
Office Closed but Staff is on the job!
The office and ThirdSpace will be closed for the foreseeable future but all our staff are available by phone and email.
Peninsula UC Office:
Joanne Feuer (Office Administrator): office@peninsulaunited.com  778-984-7768
Nikkie Ripka (Administrative Assistant):
ThirdSpace Office: 604-385-0822 
Click here for information about access to office and church buildings during COVID-19 restrictions.

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