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Dec. 20-Jan. 2, 2021

Lighting of the Advent Candle-
Fourth Sunday of Advent
COVID-19 Update

We anticipate a return to VIRTUAL WORSHIP in our sanctuary on Jan. 3, 2021 @ 11am. The service will be streamed to our Facebook page, facebook.com/firstunitedcharlotte and our webpage, www.fupcc.org. Please plan to join us and spread the word!
Engaging with the Christmas Joy Offering during a pandemic

While it’s true that God has blessed the Church with incredible leadership for every time and place, it is also the case that those leaders often need their communities to lead as well with a show of their support. The Christmas Joy Offering does just that in several critical areas of need, namely supporting leadership development for communities of color and providing support for Presbyterian church workers in their time of need.

The Christmas Joy Offering has been a cherished Presbyterian tradition since the 1930s. The Offering distributes gifts equally to the Assistance Program of the Board of Pensions and to Presbyterian-related schools and colleges equipping communities of color. The Assistance Program provides critical financial support to church workers and their families. Presbyterian-related schools and colleges provide education and leadership development while nurturing racial and ethnic heritage. This has been a Presbyterian committment for nearly 140 years.

During these uncertain times of pandemic and economic hardship, the work of our leaders — and the support you provide them through the Christmas Joy Offering — is more important than ever! FUPC will collect this offering on Dec. 20, 2020. Please prepare to give to this special offering.

Plan to tune in for our Youth Christmas Program today, December 20, @ 3pm. A thank you to our youth for this unexpected Christmas gift!

Though Commitment Sunday has come and gone it is not too late to send in your pledge card. We encourage all members to participate in this process. Why, you ask? First, it helps us more accurately budget for the coming year. Second, we tend to be more faithful to commitments we put in writing. The work we do at FUPC cannot be done with out your faithful and generous giving. Thank you for all you do in service to our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Click link for pledge form:


Ordination and Installation Sunday
Jan. 3. 2021 @ 11am

We will ordain and install our new officers during virtual worship on Jan. 3, 2021. We will also serve communion during this service and ask that you secure bread and drink (juice or water).

FUPC Membership Directory is available. To secure your printed copy please call church office at 704-376-8014 or email Catherine at secretary@fupcc.org.

Dorothy Allison
Joan Antrum
Natalie Beard
Clement Bowman, II
Xavier Brown
Zara Brown
Barbara Byers
Barbara Cannon
Shirley Carelock
Olanda Carr Jr.
Tyrone Carr
Eric Davis
Stephanie Davis
J. Y. Dease
Ray Dennis
Anthony Dozier
Castonia Dozier
Cary Dozier
Simone Dozier
Donna Fair
Shepard Foley
Gaynelle Grier
Marvin O. Grigsby
Mattie Grigsby
Helen Hairston
Jonette Harper
Dr. Mary T. Harper
Bill Harris
Estelle Harris
Rufus & Gisle Harris
Juanita Herron
Geralene Hill
Charles Jackson
Vil Johnikin
Betty Kearns
Mabel Kearns
Alice Kibler
Lelia Lindsay
Etta & Willie Lynn
Kennedy Lynn
Kiah Lynn
Derrick & Elenore Maxwell
Arnie McClain
Claudia McClain
James & Betty McNair
Marva Mitchell
Rev. Lloyd Morris
Dr. Mildred Yongue Mosley
Raine Mosley
Skye Mosley
Martha Mullen
Ronald Mullen
Jannell Reed
Edith Jane Reid
Samuel & Willie Mae Reid
Brenda Richardson
Catherine Richardson-Strong
Deidre Rogers
Michael Rogers
Constance Sims
Alex Small
Alexis Small
Lorenzo Small, Jr.
Rev. Lorenzo Small, Sr.
Ellen Smith
Jocelyn & Sydney Stanley
Renea Stitt
Tamara Tate
Valerie C. Tutt
Gail Walker
Jerome Walker
Gail Walker-Farmer
Daphne Williams
Devane Williams
Isiah Williams
Mabel Rhoden Williams
Mike J. Williams
Tamara Williams
Charles J. Yongue
Lolane Yongue
Charles M. Yongue
De'Andre Yongue
Mahogany Yongue
Given In Memory Of
Delia K. Carr
Rev. & Mrs.William A. Grigg
Pamela Grigsby
Dr. Mary T. Harper
Mrs. Annie F. Hayes
Mrs. Janie W. Hemphill
Mr. & Mrs. David and Norma Yongue Holden
Jacque D. Kibler,III
Mrs. Lucille H. McKay
Wade H. Mosley, Jr.
Sula H. Page
Lucy Reid
Charles M. Yongue, Jr.
Curtis Andre' Yongue
Mildred Grigg Yongue
Robert J. Yongue, Jr.
Marion & Bea Watermann
Vaughn Watson Yongue
Dr. William H. Yongue, Jr.
William Henry Yongue, Sr
Elder & Mrs. William Milton Yongue

It is not too late to contribute to this year's Homecoming sacrificial offering. You can do so up to Dec. 30.

A special thank you to Elder Etta Lynn for a capital project gift given in memory of her mother, Vallrea Ray Davidson, and son, Everette T. Lynn. This gift facilitated the repair of the walls damaged by water in the business office and clerk's office. See before and after pictures above. To God be the glory!

Thank you for your support of our Christmas outreach, in partnership with Families Forward Charlotte. Your show of love and generosity was overwhelming. Pictured above is one of the 10 families your love will make a difference for this Christmas. To God be the glory!

To learn more about Families Forward Charlotte click the following link:

Habitat- Church Build

Good day team! 

House is getting counter tops today and Katie is hoping for an early March move in. Evidently, the red siding on front is not what Thesh ordered so they are waiting until that comes in in February before move in inspection can be done. But drive way has been poured and it looks great inside! Will send a save the date after the holidays but it’s looking like a late February Saturday afternoon.

Best wishes for a safe and wonderful Christmas and know how much I appreciate each of you and your dedication to our ministry with Habitat!


Valarie Burton - Dec. 1
Connie Patton - Dec. 4
Barbara Cannon - Dec. 10
Tamara Williams - Dec. 10
Mike Williams- Dec. 13
Destineé Clark - Dec. 14
Letitia Mouzon - Dec. 15
Willie Mae Reid - Dec. 16
Brenda Richardson - Dec. 16
Jean Brannon - Dec. 17
Derrick Maxwell - Dec. 17
Clifford Waddell- Dec. 22
Freddye Taylor - Dec. 23
Atlas Richardson- Dec. 23
Lorenzo Small, Jr. - Dec. 26
Vil Johnikin, Sr. - Dec. 28

Betty & Frank McNair - Dec. 20
Meredith & Chauncey Champion - Dec. 21

Community News

Many individuals and families in and around Charlotte have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and are struggling to put food on the table. While there are organizations in our community that work to help prevent our neighbors in need from going hungry, they can’t do this work alone. That’s why we are hosting a virtual fund drive benefiting the Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina.
This virtual fund drive will allow us to help raise awareness and collect donations for the Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina, one of the many food banks in our community that works hard to provide support to those in need. Each year, SHMETROLINA distributes over 70 million pounds of food and other household items that they collect from generous supporters. This year, our team at Franchise.Law is proud to be one of those supporters so we can do our part to help those in our community that need it the most. We will be collecting donations through December 22nd. To join us in supporting the Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina, please make a donation at our fundraising page.

United in Faith, United in Love, United in Life