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Ordinary Time  is that part of the Christian liturgical year outside of Advent, Christmastide, Lent, the Easter Triduum, and Eastertide, and is divided into two periods: that between Christmastide and Lent, and that between Eastertide and Advent. In this season the Church celebrates the public ministry of Jesus from his baptism to the time of his final suffering and death. 
The word "ordinary" as used here comes from the ordinal numerals by which the weeks are identified or counted, from the 1st week of Ordinary Time in January to the 34th week that begins toward the end of November; Ordinary Time is interrupted by Lent and Eastertide.

June 8- 14

Trey Rogers - Hopewell High School
Derrick Maxwell, Jr. - Livingston College
Kiah Lynn -UNC Greensboro (Dec 2019)

The Annual Youth Questionnaire will be distributed ASAP. Completed questionnaires should be returned on or before June 30th. Celebration report of all youth will be distributed during 2nd week of July.

Matthew 25 Online Event
Wednesday, June 10 @ 2pm

First United, we have received an invitation to participate in the first Matthew 25 Online Event. I am asking all who are available to register for this event. See invite and the link to do so below.

Thank you for being among the 520 congregations, groups and mid councils that made the commitment to embrace the Matthew 25 vision in its inaugural year. We want to celebrate this bold invitation and your commitment to become a Matthew 25 church.

 Register today for the first Matthew 25 Online Event @ https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJIpfuuhqz0vE9DY8GyaS6vkT9Sw3-Dng_QV
Youth Game Night

Wednesday, June 10 @ 6pm
$50 in gift cards up for grabs!

Zoom Meeting ID: 845 4380 7207
Password: 439604

One tap mobile
ID: 84543807207#
PW: 439604
Service of Lament
Thursday, June 11 @ 7:30
Join us via livestream on Facebook or our homepage @ www.fupcc.org.
Our worship partnership with First Pres-Charlotte continues. Please join us via channel 64, facebook or our webpage Sundays @ 11am.
Visit my2020census.gov or call  1-844-330-2020 to complete the census today. Make sure you are counted!
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