Weekly Announcements

Nov. 15-21, 2020

COVID-19 UPDATE- What's Happening
No changes to announce.

Outdoor worship has been canceled for the remainder of the year.

The leadership of FUPC cannot thank each of you enough for your generosity in 2020. It is your giving that makes ministry possible. God has shown Himself faithful to us in 2020 in a big way and we expect God to continue to do the same in 2021. Each of us has the opportunity to continue to be a part of what God is doing in and thru us via your pledge. Commitment Sunday is Nov. 29. We are asking that everyone submit his/her pledge card by then. If you need a pledge card please call the church office at 704-376-8014 to request one. Remember, God loves a cheerful giver!

Habitat Church Partners Build Continues

Greeting Team,

Hope all are well! Katie reports great progress on Thesh’s home..some regulars worked today installing doors and trim. Painters coming in next week and then floors and cabinets! Hopefully I will have some home dedication info to share next week so stay tuned. Meanwhile, stay safe, enjoy this fall weather and know you are making a difference by helping Thesh and her family realize their dream.

With gratitude,


A special thank you to all who have given to the Homecoming Sacrificial Offering thus far.

Dorothy Allison
Joan Antrum
Natalie Beard
Clement Bowman, II
Xavier Brown
Zara Brown
Barbara Byers
Barbara Cannon
Olanda Carr Jr.
Tyrone Carr
Eric Davis
Stephanie Davis
J. Y. Dease
Ray Dennis
Anthony Dozier
Castonia Dozier
Cary Dozier
Simone Dozier
Donna Fair
Shepard Foley
Gaynelle Grier
Mattie Grigsby
Helen Hairston
Jonette Harper
Dr. Mary T. Harper
Bill Harris
Estelle Harris
Juanita Herron
Geralene Hill
Charles Jackson
Vil Johnikin
Betty Kearns
Mabel Kearns
Alice Kibler
Lelia Lindsay
Etta & Willie Lynn
Kennedy Lynn
Kiah Lynn
Derrick & Elenore Maxwell
Arnie McClain
Claudia McClain
James & Betty McNair
Marva Mitchell
Dr. Mildred Yongue Mosley
Rev. Lloyd Morris
Raine Mosley
Skye Mosley
Martha Mullen
Ronald Mullen
Jannell Reed
Edith Jane Reid
Samuel & Willie Mae Reid
Brenda Richardson
Deidre Rogers
Michael Rogers
Constance Sims
Alex Small
Alexis Small
Lorenzo Small, Jr.
Rev Lorenzo Small, Sr.
Ellen Smith
Jocelyn & Sydney Stanley
Renea Stitt
Tamara Tate
Valerie C. Tutt
Gail Walker
Jerome Walker
Gail Walker-Farmer
Daphne Williams
Devane Williams
Isiah Williams
Mabel Rhoden Williams
Mike J. Williams
Tamara Williams
Charles J. Yongue
Lolane Yongue
Charles M. Yongue
De'Andre Yongue
Mahogany Yongue

Given In Memory Of
Delia K. Carr
Rev. & Mrs.William A. Grigg
Pamela Grigsby
Dr. Mary T. Harper
Mrs. Annie F. Hayes
Mrs. Janie W. Hemphill
Mr. & Mrs. David and Norma Yongue Holden
Jacque D. Kibler,III
Mrs. Lucille H. McKay
Wade H. Mosley, Jr.
Sula H. Page
Charles M. Yongue, Jr.
Curtis Andre' Yongue
Mildred Grigg Yongue
Robert J. Yongue, Jr.
Marion & Bea Watermann
Vaughn Watson Yongue
Dr. William H. Yongue, Jr.
William Henry Yongue, Sr
Elder & Mrs. William Milton Yongue

Monica Carr ~ November 1st
Olin Grier ~ November 1st
Candace Stitt ~ November 5th
Margaret Moreland ~ November 8th
Dr. Mildred Mosley ~ November 11th
Martha Mullen ~ November 12th
Nancy Morris ~ November 14th
George Moreland, Jr. ~ November 16th
Donna Fair ~ November 17th
O'Neil Junious, Jr. ~ November 17th
Linda Richardson ~ November 18th
Charrie Clark-Harrison ~ November 19th
Rev. Lloyd Morris ~ November 21st
Gisle "Theresa" Harris ~ November 23rd
Shirley Carelock ~ November 27th
Alice Kibler ~ November 30th

Wayne & Letitia Mouzon ~ November 9th
Daniel & Margaret Freeman ~ November 26th
Eugene & Renea Stitt ~ November 26th

Join us as we continue to worship with First Pres-Charlotte via channel 64, facebook or our webpage on Sundays @ 11am.
Auto Plus Distribution Center
700 West 28th Street
Openings for warehouse workers from 11-8 PM
$13 an hour plus a full benefits package
Daily jobs fairs from 8-5 for anyone interested.  

United in Faith, United in Love, United in Life