Weekly Announcements
March 7, 2019

The Week Ahead

Saturday, March 9
9 am - 2 pm: Thrift Shop

Sunday, March 10
8 am: Holy Eucharist
9 - 9:45 am: Adult Forum
10 am: Sunday School
10:15 am: Sung Eucharist
1:30 pm: Holy Eucharist at Harlee Manor
6:30 - 8 pm: Redeemer Youth Olympics after pizza

Tuesday, March 11
10 am - 2 pm: Thrift Shop
5 pm: Evening Prayer

Saturday, March 16
9 am - 2 pm: Thrift Shop

Sunday, March 17
8 am: Holy Eucharist 
9 - 9:45 am: Adult Forum
10 am: Sunday School
10:15 am: Sung Eucharist

Adult Forum
This morning we will conclude our reading of the book "Walk in Love" by discussing chapters 25 & 26, about our life with God and becoming evangelists. From 9:00 am to 9:45 am in the parish hall. All are welcome.

Junior Church
This Sunday is the first Sunday in Lent.  We will have regular classes after an opening on stage.  Don't forget your envelopes.  We will have the Redeemer Youth Olympics this Sunday from 6:30 to 8:00 after pizza.  I will be asking in church if you can come. See you Sunday, George

Shrove Tuesday
Thank you to all who helped make our annual Shrove Tuesday pancake dinner such a success.  

Midweek Eucharist
There is no Wednesday morning Eucharist  this week.

Church of the Redeemer, Springfield
Annual Meeting

Sunday, March 24, 2019
Parish Hall
11:30 am (after the 10:15 am Eucharist)

Vestry Elections at the Annual Meeting -  March 24, 2019
Vestry Members finishing a term at the rise of the Annual Meeting

The class of 2019 - George Baughan, Keith Brown, Ginny Doyle - are completing their term. Please thank them for their ministry and leadership.

Nominations for the vestry class of 2022:

1. Each vestry class consists of three members.

2. The congregation at large nominates candidates for election to vestry via nomination ballot box in the rear of the church beginning March 3 and closing on March 17.

3. The Nominating Committee is appointed by the Rector. The committee for 2019 is George Baughan, Lee Lucas, Keith Brown and Jim Lambert.

4. Our by-laws state that it is ideal to present a slate of at least five nominees but that the Nominating Committee must present no less than three in order to hold an election at the Annual Meeting on March 24.

5. After reading the qualifications and requirements listed below, discuss the nomination with the person(s) you are nominating, and then place the name(s) in nomination by filling in a nominating form.

6. Please make your nominations by March 17, 2019

Vestry responsibilities:

The Vestry is a big-picture, visionary organization that delegates the details of the ministry at Church of the Redeemer to the ministry teams:
Administration/Property/Stewardship/Finance/Outreach/Mission/Pastoral/ Fellowship

The vestry strives to make all decisions (spiritual, liturgical, servant-hood and financial) according to the priorities of the strategic plan and the mission of the church.

Vestry Member Qualifications and Requirements

A Vestry member:

1. Is active in the life of the parish and attends worship services regularly;

2. Demonstrates a love of God and a commitment to following the way of Christ by his/her actions;

3. Is a pledging member of the Church of the Redeemer;

4. Attends all vestry meetings, notifying the rector as soon as possible if work or an emergency will necessitate an absence, realizing that missing three consecutive meetings could result in being asked to resign from the Vestry;

5. Strives to build consensus in making decisions for the Church of the Redeemer, supports vestry decisions (even those with which he/she may not personally agree), and seeks to understand the needs and desires of all parishioners;

6. Attends an orientation meeting when newly elected to the vestry, and vestry retreats when the vestry and rector deem them necessary;

7. Signs an "Agreement to Serve if Elected" form, and provides a biography and picture to the Chair of the Nominating Committee ten days prior to election.

Men's Retreat
"Incarnational Mysticism Retreat". An introduction to yoga as an embedded spiritual practice. Saturday March 30, 2019 from 9 am to 12 noon at Covenant United Methodist Church. Register at www.illumanofpa.com or call Jim O'Neill on 610 639 1385.

Evening Prayer
Evening Prayer is said on Tuesday, March 12th at 5 pm in the chapel. All are welcome.

Prayer during Lent should draw us closer to God. We might pray especially for the grace to live out our baptismal promises more fully.
  • Fasting is one of the most ancient practices linked to Lent. Abstaining from meat on Fridays is a common tradition in the church. Modern traditions include abstaining for one day from the TV or computer.
  • Works of love are a sign of our care for those in need and an expression of gratitude for all God has given us.

FIRST SUNDAY IN LENT  March 10, 2019
8 am Said Holy Eucharist
10:15 am Sung Eucharist with choir

8 am Said Holy Eucharist
10:15 am Sung Eucharist with choir

THIRD SUNDAY IN LENT  March 24, 2019
ANNUAL MEETING  following the 10:15 am service
8 am Said Holy Eucharist
10:15 am Sung Eucharist with choir

8 am Said Holy Eucharist
10:15 am Sung Eucharist with choir

8 am Said Holy Eucharist
10:15 am Sung Eucharist with choir

Said Eucharist in the Chapel
Followed by soup and bread in the Parish Hall

       March 27           April 3            April 10

A Lenten Message from the Bishop

My brothers and sisters,

Lent is upon us and during this time, we journey together on this sacred pilgrimage to the heart of Jesus Christ. Lent is a mysterious time of reflection and wakening. There is nothing ordinary about Lent and this time can be profoundly life-giving. I often compare Lent to the moments before dawn. The darkness surrounds us and we wait, contemplate, prepare, and pray. The world silently regenerates in anticipation of the rising sun.

During this sacred time, I invite you to Journey to the Heart of Christ to seek and find the heart of Christ. Lent is the opportunity to go deeper in faith. Lent provides the context for interior discernment and greater knowing of Christ. In my personal prayers, I keep the image of the beloved disciple John leaning against the chest of our Saviour. Leaning against Christ and listening to his heartbeat. I hold this image during times of joy and pain. Let us long to be at the heart of Jesus Christ.

To assist on your walk through Lent, we offer a list of various prayers, devotions, and action (online and in person, see below). I would also like to encourage you to take time to review the Presiding Bishop's message and resources to "Walk in Love":

Practices for a Jesus Centered Life.

In addition to these resources, I encourage you to try any or all of the following:

Pray together with your family, friend or a loved one. This may sound challenging, but one day a week, gather the entire family and say a prayer. It could be one of gratitude, to bless one another's day. Maybe you can set a time to text a friend at a specific day and hour and let them know you are praying for them. Throughout the Gospels, Jesus prayed constantly. Jesus sought God's heart relentlessly. Let us strive to be like him.

For one hour during the day, stop reading your emails or searching through social media. During that time, read the Bible, commit to silence or listen to sacred music. Read the Lives of the Saints or a book about Jesus. Extend that time the following week.

Skip the Sunday sports' practices and tell the coach that you have a commitment to church. Make God, not the world, your priority one Sunday a month. Bring the entire family.

Make a commitment to pray. Whether it is on your knees or sitting on the bed, close your eyes and pray. Each day offer one prayer of gratitude for the gifts in your life.

Use your smartphone to take a picture of where you see Jesus in your daily life. It can be a place, a person or something with deep meaning. Post on our social media accounts and tag us in it (#WhereDoYouSeeJesus, #diopalove) so we can find it and share it with others.

Make a commitment to take one person with you to Easter services. It could be a wild, unexpected and mysterious invitation. Ask, ask again, follow and do it.

More importantly, I encourage you to reflect daily on Jesus Christ. How is He present in your life? How do His life and words move you to be like Him? Where do you see Jesus in the world?

Our spiritual and diocesan pilgrimage is transformative. Never lose sight that your spiritual journey is both holy and beautiful. As we journey through Lent, let's enter into the walk to Calvary and hold sight of the resurrection. Lean against the chest of our saviour Jesus Christ and listen, really listen to His heartbeat. Listen to where He is leading you.

You are in my prayers and are deeply loved.

The Rt. Rev. Daniel G. P. GutiƩrrez
XVI Bishop of The Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania


Volunteers Needed
Flower Guild 
The Flower Guild could use two new members to partner with  Betty Arzt (2nd Sunday) and Janet Barber (4th Sunday).  Please contact Helen Lightcap if you are interested: hlightcap37@gmail.com.

Fellowship Hour
Have you ever thought how our Fellowship Hour traces its roots all the way back to Jesus? Almost all churches offer snacks and social time after Sunday services, just as Jesus and His Apostles often received invitations to someone's home to rest and eat after a day of preaching and miracles. It's an amazing tradition and ministry. 

Fellowship Hour needs your help. In recent years, it has become harder to find hosts. Folks like to gather, but few wish to serve. The host's job is to bring snacks, set them out along with coffee and tea supplies prior to 10:15 AM, and then clean up the space after Fellowship Hour time winds down. It is important to note that the snacks can be as simple as you like. While some hosts like to bake sweets and treats, simple store-bought cookies and grapes work wonderfully too. Remember the story of the Loaves and Fishes? A few plain loaves of bread and small fishes served a crowd, and all were satisfied. This is what Fellowship Hour is all about! Please see Ruth Ward or Father David if you can offer your time and talents for this special hospitality.

The Usher Team could use two new members to round out the    schedule. Please contact Sharon Parry if you are interested:        grams921@yahoo.com. 

Church Cleaners
We are looking for volunteers who will assume responsibility for maintaining those areas of the building not covered under our contract with our bi-monthly cleaning service; i.e. dusting the pews, window sills and parish hall counters, vacuuming the children's room, refreshing the kitchen and restrooms.  If you would like to participate, please see Father David or Ruth Ward or call the church office at  610-544-8113.

Lost and Found
A small purse (shoulder bag style) was found on a shelf near the library in the parish hall and a  large-hoop gold earring was found in the upstairs lounge. If either belongs to you, please call the church office. 

Apartment Needed
Affordable one-bedroom apartment/studio needed for family member. Please see Gary Rew or call 509-388-5829. 

Volunteers Needed 

Fellowship Hour Hosts, Ushers and Flower Guild Volunteers Needed

Prayer Book

At the back of the church is a Prayer Book.  
On the cover it says  "For those in need..."  In the book please write in the names of those who need our prayers. Please enter the name and the date (and reason, if you wish). At every Eucharist and at Evening Prayer, we will pray for those named in the book. After a month, the person's name will be removed from our prayers, unless it is entered anew.

Please pray for those who need healing and comfort: 

 Emma, Isaac, Mathew, Ruth, Erin, Isaac, Mathew, Ruth, Ry, 
Lou Annas, Joe Atkinson, Bacinelli Family, Eleanor Baughan, Chris Briggs, Betty Brown, Marlaine Brown, Lisa Brzezicki,
Flavia Cugini, Steve Farrell, Joyce Flynn,
 Rt. Rev. Daniel GuitiĆ©rrez, Richard Huber, Anna Kato, 
Emily Knox, Martin Knox, Maria Macfarlan, Sharon Parry 
(sister-in-law of Charlie Bacinelli), Peter Rosado, 
Susan Wilson Tull  and those we hold in our hearts.

Please pray for the departed, 
especially Jan Briggs and Drew Macfarlan,   

Rest eternal grant unto them O Lord, 
and let light perpetual shine upon them.

Heavenly Father, giver of life and health: Comfort and relieve your sick servants, and give your power of healing to those who minister to their needs, that those for whom our prayers are offered may be strengthened in their weakness and have confidence in your loving care; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,  one God,  now and forever.   Amen.

Book of Common Prayer

Ministry Schedule March 10th

Serving this Sunday at 8 am: Diane Ramsey

Serving this Sunday at 10:15 am:

Acolytes - Kyle Kolynych, Elaine McDaid, Danielle Adams
Altar Guild - Danielle Adams, Elaine McDaid, Lee Lucas
Counters - Ginny Doyle, Janet Barber
Fellowship - Dot Hall
Flower Guild - Betty Arzt
Intercessor - Mary Huber
Readers - Lindsay Crosby, Danielle Adams
Shepherds - Jane Baughan, Val Rafferty
Ushers - Sharon Parry, Ian Post

Altar Flower Dedications

Sponsoring our Sunday altar flowers is a great way to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, remember a loved one who has passed, or mark any other special occasion.  The suggested donation is $20 per arrangement, which offsets the cost of the flowers provided by Leary's Florist.  If you wish to sponsor the flowers, please submit your name and preferred wording of the dedication to redeemer33@verizon.net or in a note placed in the offering plate.  

Property Team
Things To Be Done Around Redeemer Notebook

If you notice something that needs attention around the campus (i.e. leaky toilet, broken light, etc.), please record it in the black & white  notebook in the Property Team's mailbox outside the church office.

Blue Gift
Gift of Angels

There are expenses that pop up that are not included in our annual operating budget, and this program covers those. 

Your gift to the Gift of Angels program can be in the form of a monetary donation or a gift-in-kind and can be made in thanksgiving or in memory of someone. It can cover all or part of an item on the wish list.  All gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.  You will receive recognition of your gift, and all gifts are recorded in our Book of Memorials and Gifts. 

The Wish List currently includes: weed control supplies, floor buffer and pads and chairs for the Parish Hall.

Please make checks payable to Church of the Redeemer and designate Gift of Angels or your specific designation on the memo line.

Your consideration of support for this campaign is greatly appreciated!


St. Mary's Food Cupboard 

During the month of January 2019, St. Mary's volunteers contributed 320 hours, provided 6525 meals to 435 people and distributed 14,666 pounds of food to those in need.

Riddle Hospital's Hospice Comfort Cart 

In an effort to improve the care they provide, Riddle Hospital has created a Comfort Cart for their patients who have been placed on hospice care.  The goal is to make each patient's room a calm environment while addressing the psycho-social and spiritual needs of patients and their families. They are seeking donations of prayer books and small bibles, religious items such as rosaries or icons; 3' x 4' blankets which are placed on the patients and taken home by the family after their loved one passes away. If you wish to help, please contact Stefanie McMahon at mcmahons@mlhs.org or (484) 227-3240.


Redeemer Thrift Shop 

 Wow! It's March already! Time for wearing of the green, preparing for Easter and thinking about the coming of Spring.  Your Thrift Shop is ready to fill all your needs; so come on down and find some goodies.

Please do not leave any donations between 2 pm Saturday and 11:30 pm Sunday.  No one can process these and the Sunday School needs this room and hallway.

Thrift Shop earnings for February were $1,567.

Tuesdays 10 am - 2 pm
Friday 9:15 - 10:30 am - Set-up
  Saturdays 9 am - 2 pm.

Luisa Andrews 610-356-9229
Cyn Mattson 610-353-8125

Visit the Thrift Shop on Facebook
Amazon Smile

Remember to use Amazon Smile when you shop online!

To use AmazonSmile, simply go to http://smile.amazon.com/ from the web browser on your computer or mobile device, or go to Amazon and search Amazon smile. On your first visit to AmazonSmile (smile.amazon.com), you need to select Church of the Redeemer as your charitable organization to receive donations. 

Acme and Giant Gift Cards
See Rick and Ginny Doyle during fellowship hour to purchase your Giant and Acme Gift Cards. Redeemer receives 5% of the value of the card. The Giant on Township Line Road also offers discounts on gas. The more you buy, the more you save.


Church of the Redeemer, Springfield

145 West Springfield Road
Springfield , Pennsylvania 19064
(610) 544-8113

The Reverend David Beresford, Rector
davidberesford@gmail.com ;    ( 302) 468-9062

Minister of Music 
Susanna Faust

Eucharistic Visitors
Linda Bennett, Mary Huber, 
Carol Kane, Claire Witzel 

Vestry Members
George Baughan '19 - Senior Warden
Lee Lucas '20 - Junior Warden
Keith Brown '19 - Accounting Warden
Helen Lightcap '20 - Clerk of Vestry
Sharon Appelbaum '21
Ginny Doyle '19
Jim Lambert '21
Gary Rew '21

Parish Administrator
Maria Macfarlan

Gary Rew


Our  Mission
"As people of God, we come together in joyful worship, to care for each other, to engage in Christian formation, and to reach out to others thoughtfully and compassionately."
Our Vision
"Becoming one with Christ, with one another, and with all God's people"