Weekly Announcements | May 20 , 2018
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(Contact Carl & Lisa Fischer for a key or questions
about cleaning.
Carl @ 715-931-7668 or Lisa @ 715-931-7636)

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May 20th
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This Saturday is Ruby's Pantry!
Weekly Letter From Our Pastor

Core Values: Loyalty
      Maggie the Golden Retriever. She came into our family shortly after Thea's due date and faithfully filled the role of dog-in-chief for close to 11 years. Maggie was the real deal and I loved everything about those 40 pounds of loyal furry love. Whether it was playing dress up with the girls, snuggling up to a sleepy human, or chasing up game birds, Maggie always performed above expectations.
     There was just this one odd behavior. Whenever hunting buddy Mark & I were out working a field for birds, within minutes Maggie would decide it was way more fun to be in front of him than me. No amount of coaxing, bribing or scolding would convince her to move over towards me. In the end, I salvaged as much of my dignity as possible by taking comfort in the fact that at least I was a better shot than Mark.
     When it comes to the big things in life like family, friends and God, most of us would probably rate ourselves fairly high on the loyalty scale. It's a value we believe in and hold dearly. Question is, how loyal are we? A lot loyal, a little loyal, or does our loyalty fall somewhere in between? And who determines how much loyalty is enough loyalty?
     This weekend we look at our third Core Value: Loyalty. Our preaching theme: "Heart Surgery".

Living for Jesus!

JAM (Jesus And Me) 
Last day of JAM! 
This Sunday will be our last day of JAM for the 2017-2018 school year. We will celebrate by taking the kids out on the playground to play, have snacks and some organized games.
We also hope that you can come to a brief meeting after church at 10:15 where we'll lay out our vision for JAM for the 2018-2019 year and discuss ways you might help support this growing mission.
Church - good news!  We now are able to offer text-to-give.  Here's how it works:
Step I:   text LIVWATER to 206-859-9405
Step II:   you'll receive a reply with the link to your giving interface
Step III:   login and give immediately if you've already set up a Subsplash Giving account! If not, you can create their account in seconds!
Cleaning the 411 Building
Serving others through Christ:  while there are limitless ways to live into our mission statement, one big one is signing up for church cleaning.  Here are a couple things to know when you sign up:  1) cleaning is typically done sometime after Wednesday evening activities and before Sunday morning Worship;  2) email the church office at  livingwatercameron@gmail.com  to arrange for a key card that will allow you access to the building.  Thank you for giving this offering of your gift of time and elbow grease in cleaning God's house!
Living Water Kids Collection Jar
Sunday morning when the offering's announced, they spring into action! Little ones running all over the worship center collecting spare change & dollars for the Kid's Collection Jar. Their energetic, faithful effort is a steady source of funds for the outreach we do day in and day out at Living Water. Thank you for so generously supporting your churches' Mission Fund!
LPBC Open House
Saturday, June 2nd, 11am-2pm

Stop by our camp in Chetek on Saturday, 6/2 for a fun opportunity to meet the summer staff & check out the camp. Free burgers, brats and chips for the whole family. It's not too late to register for the 2018 summer camping season! Click here for more info: http://lutherpark.org
Weekend Backpack Project
Living Water is partnering with the Cameron School District to launch a new community outreach. The goal: send home a small amount of food in the backpacks of children from low-income families who agree to participate in this. If you are ready to, "Make a Difference, Change the World," here's your chance! Please contact: Debbie Odden at oddengirl@gmail.com. Serving others through Christ! -Debbie
Ramsey Solutions: SMART MONEY
Living Water has purchased a block of tickets for this amazing event, life-changing event on October 29th. We have five discounted tickets remaining at $25/person. Please message us on FB if you are interested. Thanks!
JAM Meeting 10:15-10:45am 
Sunday, May 20th

When's a good time to begin planning for JAM 2018-19? Answer: NOW! We are super excited to share some fun, new & creative ideas we have for next year's JAM. If you're at all interested in being part of this growing ministry with families & little ones at Living Water, please come on 5/20 and hear our dreams. We would absolutely love to have you join in helping pour God's love in to this next generation of God's family. See you on the 20!
Wi-Fi Password LW Guest Network
Living Water's new Guest Network now has a wi-fi password:
VBS - Registration Now Open!   
Our VBS dates will be Sun-Thurs, July 15-18 from 5-7:30pm each night. You can register now to ensure you get your t-shirts and to save your spot! You can also volunteer for helping. Please visit   http://www.myvbs.org/LW/ for more information and to sign up for all the fun we have to offer this year!
Living Water Apparel 
Living Water shirts, jackets and other items are now available for ordering.  Simply click on the link below to go to the Living Water clothing store.   https://stores.inksoft.com/livingwater
Summer Splash Pad
Kids and families are important to Living Water. 
For our third year we are proud to be able to sponsor Free Family Day at the Cameron Splash Park.  Each Wednesday this summer families can go to the park with no admission charge thanks to the Mission we are launching now through Mid- June.  Last year over 3,000 attendees had a way to cool off thanks to Living Water.  Your donations towards this Mission make this possible.  Please contribute to a great way for us to reach out to the community in which we are located.

It's A Boy!
Kendyoll Ryan was born May 3 at 5:30am. weighing 9 lbs 11oz. and 21.5 inches long. His parents are Matt and Nikki Holten. Kendyoll spent a w eek long stay in Marshfield NICU and came home May 10.  Everyone is happy, healthy and blessed! Thank you for all your prayers!
New Women's Study:
"Girl, Wash Your Face"

Thanks to everyone who signed up to read, "Girl, Wash Your Face." What an awesome group of women! Hopefully everyone received an email this week asking about when you might be available to get together for some discussion. If by some chance you didn't receive the email, please contact Chantel Randell at:  
ctelrandall@gmail.com and we'll get you connected with the group. Thanks!
Camp Noah - Volunteers Needed
Living Water needs your help with providing housing for 10 volunteers. In the past, they have used cabins or homes of individuals that may have been on vacation. They will sleep on the floor... they just need a kitchen and a bathroom. (They prefer to stay together as a group in an empty space and not inconvenience a family that is actually using their home or cabin.)
There will also be a clipboard up for food item donations for the camp. We need things like pretzels, fish crackers, fruit, plates, napkins, veggies, graham crackers, etc. I f you have any questions, please contact Julie Emerson emersonfamily1@gmail.com or 715-651-2299 or sign up on the clipboard.
Families Needed for Announcements
Have you seen of the families featured below in our weekly announcements? Has your family been featured? If not, please send a recent family photo and your answers for the questions to Lindsey Wood. You can Facebook message or email her at linz_o@hotmail.com (just be sure to put Family Info For Church in the subject). We want to have every family featured! 
Also, if you are not featured on our wall at our 411 building- please print out a picture or email that to Lindsey Wood and we will get you up there!
 Meet the Living Water Family of the Week
Names: Bryan, Lindsey & Laken Wood
Something interesting about our household:
We live on Prairie Lake which keeps us busy with boating, fishing, wildlife and great sunsets. 
How we became connected to Living Water:
We're one of the first families that were asked to help start up this great new church!
What we like about Living Water:
We really like how everyone is friendly, you feel welcome, and all of the great programs and events that happen for all ages.
Wednesdays, 3:30-5:00pm
Wednesdays, 5:30-7:00pm
Chicken Coop Church - Sunday Schedule  
Soup in the Coop - 4:00pm
Worship - 5:00pm
Pr. Ned @ 411 Building
Monday & Wednesday, May 21st & 23rd
Run for God's 5K Challenge
Sundays, 7:45-8:45am
Ruby's Pantry
Saturday, May 19th
Blessing of the Graduates
Sunday, May 27th
Blessing of the Cycles
Sunday, June 3rd
Sunday Worship: 9am
JAM: 9:30am

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"May the Word of God live in you!" -Col. 3

"Loyalty means I am down with you whether you are wrong or right,
but I will tell you when you are wrong and help you get it right."