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Our weekly Face-to Face meetings and activities are suspended and potentially will be through July as well. Until further notice, meetings will be held online. Weekly updates will be sent via  E-Newsletters and by email as necessary.

Upcoming club meeting dates/times: 
June 16th-Annual Club meeting 6:00pm-This is an important meeting, please try to zoom in for this. You can call in if you don't want to appear on the screen.  
June 23rd-no meeting
June 30th-5th Tuesday,  club social 

Links will be sent out each week and if you don't want to participate on screen you can just dial in and be part of it. Speakers and other activities will be incorporated into the meetings.

Here is a recap of the online board meeting from this past week and other announcements/reminders;
  • Dining books are on sale!! Please let Todd know how many you want. Thank you to the Fort Myers Beach Chamber for selling and promoting these books! Rachel is working on a press release for us. 
  • Watch for details on a celebration of our 40th birthday in July.
  • Todd has worked to receive an additional 25% off our Scholastic Book order, details coming on how a few can help come put labels in the books when they arrive. 
  • Paul has tracked down a couple of awol sponsors from the BUG run and we will be receiving those promised funds. 
  • We have 2 potential members thanks to Linda Petrik, you'll be introduced to them soon by email. They are excited to start serving with us. Rachel also prepared and sent out a press release to the media on no cost membership to join through September 30th. 
  • Think about mentoring a CKI student at FGCU virtually. Rachel and Lindsey have more on that.
  • Editor note: In Last weeks E-Newsletter the correct number to reach Lisa Rizzio at CAC is 939-2808. She is also a member of our club and all members have a roster with personal numbers.
  • Lt. Gov. Tina is hosting a Zoom gathering June 16th from 7-8pm for our Division. Clubs will have a chance to let others know how they are doing and one of the discussion items is SLP's. All are welcome. 889 6862 7039 PW 390079

Our work as Kiwanians is valuable to our community! As our county and state begin the transition to reopen in phases please continue to monitor,use good judgement and take
extra proactive measures to ensure the safety of everyone yet help meet the needs of our community. 

For those that want to join the online meetings: 
Zoom is a reputable and safe online program. It is endorsed by businesses and organizations such as Kiwanis International. You can use your computer, tablet, or mobile device. Steve Hess has volunteered to help talk you through it, just give him a ring. 
Dining book fundraiser;   Dining books are back on for sale. If you know of any restaurants in the book that are not re-opening or what their status is, please let Todd know. We need to get books sold to help us with projects for the upcoming year. Thank you to Ft. Myers Beach Chamber for promoting and selling them. 

  "One Friend Can Change Your Whole Life"

Breaking news! It has arrived!
Remember all the plastic bottle caps you saved (and Todd stored)? Aktion Club came up with the idea for a Buddy Bench for LARC and here it is. If you would like to come join us for pictures on Tuesday, June 16,  at 1:00 pm we can pose with this colorful seat for making friends. 

It will only include our group as LARC has not fully opened and are very conscious of maintaining social distancing.

LARC is located at 2570 Hanson St. in Fort Myers. Use your phone navigation as there are several one way streets involved. Please let Karen Hurst know if you would like to join us.  
239 826 4931 or email 

                    1st-   Karen Hurst

                  3rd-   Brianne Lenhart

                  3rd-   Lindsey Lenhart

                   19th-  Sarah Kuehner

                       24th-  Kim Berghs

                                                   Service & Partnerships

From the United Way Volunteer Center: we closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation. We understand there are many individuals in our community that may want to help. We will post here and in our Volunteer Center Facebook Group  as opportunities become available. 

MS Support Group(Bill Grant),  meets 3rd Thursday of each month at St. Hilary Episcopal Church. Suspended
SLP's (Service Leadership Programs)    Schools closed
Aktion Club -(Karen Hurst) at LARC. They meet 2nd Tuesday at 8:30am, year-round.  (Agency temporarily closed). 
CKI Club- at FGCU. (Stewart Ross).  
Key Club-(Harris Segel) Collegiate High on FSW campus. 
Builder's Club-(Barbara Hartman, Todd Adams, Ada Trapanese) Cypress Lake Middle. 
K-Kids-(Kim Berghs) Littleton Elementary. 


June meetings will be held online. We will let you know of any changes. Meetings now 
at 6pm so others can join that can't login to meetings during work time at the office. 

Board meeting July 14th at 6pm online.

Where/when we meet once traditional meetings resume: 11:30am on Tuesdays at Shoeless Joe's in the Crowne Plaza, 13051 Bell Tower Drive, Fort Myers 33907 

Delicious Dining Discount Book Fundraiser
Todd Adams, Chair

Youth Protection Helpline
1-866-607-SAFE (7233)
          Defining Statement

   "Kiwanis is a global
    organization of volunteers
    dedicated to improving the
    world, one child and one
     community at a time."
  Fort Myers Metro-McGregor
               Club Officers
President: Lindsey Lenhart
President-Elect: Cathy Smith
Treasurer: Todd Adams
Secretary: Kim Berghs
Immediate Past President: Rachel Toomey 
          Florida Division 19
Lt. Governor -  Tina Pegler.

Foundation Trustee-Bruce Boyd
            Florida District 
Governor is Allen Yergovich
Governor-Elect is Mary-Lynn Desjariais.

The Florida District, comprised of the more than 240 clubs and over 7,500 Kiwanians within Florida. Florida is one of the largest and most successful districts in Kiwanis International.

        Kiwanis International 
President  is Daniel Vignerom
from Luxembourg.
President-Elect is Arthur Riley, Westminster, Maryland.
                    Save the Date

June 16th- Division Zoom Meeting
All are welcome to zoom in 7-8pm and chat with others about what's happening in our division. 

June 20th-   Best Buddies  walk now a
virtual walk

June 24th- Children's Advocacy Center of SWFL, Bling & Bags Bingo. Is now a live event auction on Facebook at 5:30pm.   

ICON-   Cancelled due to C-19

DCON-August 13-16, Orlando. Cancelled

Our club charter date:
         July 23, 1980

Please save year-round...
Your old Kiwanis magazine to recycle in our member recruitment folders. 

Aluminum pull tabs for K-Kids for Ronald McDonald House. To Kim during the school year.  Cathy in summer.