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June 6, 2021

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Go to facebook.com/stlukesbloomington or youtube.com/stlukesbloomington to view live streaming along with recorded worships.

God Pause (online daily devotions)

Please follow the updated St. Luke's Covid Protocols for in person worship. Thank you.

VBS Registration NOW OPEN
July 26th - 29th

Join us for an exciting week of VBS July 26th - 29th from 9:00 AM to Noon for 3 years old through 5th grade. 

Click here to register for VBS.

Click here to sign up to volunteer to help with VBS. 

Yard Care Group

I would like to start a yard care group that would meet on Monday and Wednesday mornings 9:00 - Noon weather permitting. I'm looking for help with landscape ideas, pruning, weeding and spreading mulch around the building. If you can make it for three hours or only one, all help is welcome! Bring gloves, garden tools and knee pads. Bug spray too! If other days work better, you can contact me via email at at property@stlukesbloomington.org.

Thank you,

Marc Dunham

Summer Opportunities for 
Children and Youth

Seeds Camp Wapo - July 8-10
Youth Camp Wapo - July 11-16
VBS - July 26-29
High School Mission Trip to The Boundary Waters - August 7-14

If you have any questions concerning these opportunities, please contact Rob at 952-881-5801 (ext. 103) or email rob@stlukesbloomington.org.

Altar Flowers 

If you would like to order altar flowers, the cost is $40.00. Please provide your request for a specific date to Bette Gamboni, 952-888-8317 or email her at bjgfree2010@gmail.com.

Community Life Blog

Community Life misses you. As restrictions lift, we'll be able to gather again for fellowship. Look for coffee outside Sunday morning if the weather cooperates! In the meantime, we would love to have you share a good joke or funny story. 
Click here to let your church friends know your joke or story, and to find out what others shared!
Community Life Team
Prayer Requests
This Week
We continue to hold our family members and friends in prayer. We appreciate any updates you can provide. 

-Prayers for my cousin, Audrey, who is experiencing kidney failure again. - Bette Gamboni

Continued prayers:
-Prayers for Jan and her family on the death of her husband, Spence. - Craig Brandt and Kimberley Gaslin
-Prayers for Sharon Strid's daughter, Jennifer, who has a brain tumor and needs surgery.
-Prayers for my niece, Melissa, who was moved to a hospice care facility.
-Prayers for the family of Alvera Lundin who died May 8th.
-Prayers for Maria who is home from the hospital now, but awaiting test results. - Nancee Erickson
-Prayers for my niece Katie was just diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease. She's getting married June 6th and was in the throes of trying to decide if they invite more people to the wedding now that restrictions have lifted and all the details that would include, and instead she's got all sorts of doctors appointments to deal with. Prayers of thankfulness that the disease was caught when it was, wisdom for the medical staff, and patience for her family. - Diane LaFontaine
-Prayers for Debbie Benson who is struggling with back issues.
-Prayers for my brother, Joe. Patience and strength to continue to deal with his health issues and caring for his wife, Donna, and daughter, Melissa. - Julie Klein
-Prayers for my sister who was recently diagnosed with cancer and has started chemo. - Joy Lindgren
-Prayers for a quick recovery from my hip surgery. - Diane Helgemo
-Thank you for your prayers and support, after many setbacks Gerry is finally doing much better. - Maddie Boyle
-My cousin, Bill, is doing much better. He moved from an acute care center to a rehabilitation facility last week. Thanks to everyone who has faithfully prayed for him and his family over the course of his illness. Please continue to lift them up in prayer as he works to regain his strength. - Joy Lindgren
-Prayers for a safe experience at Fort Sills Boot Camp for William Edmonds. - Karla & Tim Edmonds
-Prayers that my granddaughter connects with a doctor for her medical issues. - Smacky
-Prayers for my nephew, Andrew, recovering from cellulitis. - Judy Ludwigson
-Prayers for my niece, Debbie, who has Stage 3 lung cancer, inoperable. - Pamela Trutnau
-Prayers for strength and balance for our son, Michael. Prayers for Ron who is undergoing treatments for Parkinsons and for Rita for her breathing issues. - Ron & Rita Minsaas
-Continued prayers for Allan Johnson whose legs are improving, but still in constant pain. - Linda Johnson
-Please continue to pray for Caleb. He recently had an endoscopy and they believe he has Celiac disease. The hypertension in his lung is always a concern and can add stress to his heart. - Joel Daly
-Praise God the only cancer found from the Pet-Scan was in Tina's armpit and the Oncologist says that chemo should take care of it. The Lord works in mysterious ways as they were originally told it was breast cancer. - Joel Daly
-Prayers for Londyn who had a brain scan.  - Cindy Dierschell
-Prayers for Rory who has colon cancer and will be having intense chemo and radiation therapy.
-Prayers for Emily, my son's girlfriend, as she continues her treatment for thyroid cancer. - Cheryl Thiele
-Prayers for my brother-in-law who is receiving radiation and chemotherapy for cancer. - Greg Hornicke
-Continued prayers for Rachael who has been struggling with cancer for 3+ years. Pray for wisdom for her doctors and care team and for comfort, strength and complete healing for Rachael. - Judy Ludwigson
-Continued prayers for healing, comfort and strength for my friend, Connie, as she recovers from a stroke and continues her battle with cancer. - Judy Ludwigson
-My back is stable because of the prayers and my exercise regime! I miss being in church, but worship online. - Jane Ekerberg 
-Maisy is in her last stage of chemotherapy, so she needs big-time prayers right now to lick this dreadful disease of leukemia. - Jane Nechville
-Prayers for continued healing and renewed health for both Tom and me. Tom has a hard time breathing and goes to rehab for that. Ongoing prayers for health and medications that will help me with my pain management. - Jackie Wakely
-Prayers for my sister-in-law diagnosed with cancer. - Smacky
-Prayers for my friend, Mary, who has Stage 4 cancer. She is very upbeat, positive, and feeling well.  She has a very strong faith in God and believes in heaven but also wants to live. Patty Panning
-Prayers for our granddaughter who is struggling with her mental health. - Cindy Dierschell
-Prayers for my friend, Yvonne, and neighbor, Dawn, who both have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. - Smacky
-Prayers more than ever that God will bless our country and leaders so that we can figure out how to live peacefully with one another. - Patty Panning
-Prayers for Terry DeSchepper who is awaiting a liver transplant. - Brenda DeSchepper
-Prayers of thanksgiving for our wonderful congregation and all of the things they do (large and small) to make the world a more loving and beautiful place.
-Prayers for Gene who is now in a care facility continuing to receive dialysis for kidney failure. - Myrtle Brandvold
-Prayers for Warren Carpenter whose cancer has returned. Thankful that he is in no pain.
-Continued prayers for Matt Ellis, who through a freak accident is now a quadriplegic. Prayers for a miracle of healing. -  Bev Brosam
-Continued Prayers for my dad's family caring for his mom who is in failing health. - Britt Halaas
-Prayers for my son, Rick, seeking relief for his back. - Smacky
-Prayers for our sister-in-law, Julie, and her family. Her cancer has returned. - Tim & Deb Krieg
-Prayers for my granddaughter, Carly, suffering from GI pain issues. - Warren Carpenter
-Prayers for Sylvia Monson who has Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma cancer. Continuing treatments and feeling good.
-Prayers for Pam Trutnau who suffers from chronic pain.
-Prayers for my nephew, Gabriel, who is receiving treatment for Leukemia. - Susana Castillo
-Prayers for those dealing with anxiety and depression. 
-Prayers for our deployed service men and women. 
-Prayers for peace in heart, mind and soul and for joyfulness for our country and the world to come together in love.
-Prayers for the sick and homeless.
-Prayers for all the good things St. Luke's does and continues to do.

To submit a prayer request, please contact the office:  952-881-5801 or office@stlukesbloomington.org.