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Worship Highlights

September 25, 2022

Welcome Pastor Karen Stevensen

Worship In-Person and Online

8:30 AM - with hymns

10:00 AM - with praise songs 

Download Bulletins - 8:30 and 10:00


A Live stream of our services is on Facebook and YouTube

Go to or to view live streaming along with recorded worships.


1 Corinthians 9:16-23

Matthew 10:5-15

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Altar Flowers - 2022

Altar Flowers Today

Given by:

Given by Michael and Nancy Kurtz

In memory of family and friends

If you would like to order altar flowers for 2022, the cost is $40.00. Please sign up on the Altar Flower board in the Narthex. If you have any questions, please contact Bette Gamboni at 952-888-8317 or

Women's Bible Study

Women's Bible Study is starting up again for the fall. All are welcome.

Meets Mondays, at 9 AM in the Fireside Room Door A.

For more information, contact Bette Gamboni


Stewardship Thought

As people dedicated - heart, soul, and possessions - to God's purposes, we put all we have and all we are into the service of God. The ELCA slogan says it simply: "God's work. Our hands."

September 11 was the kick-off to our fall 2022 Stewardship Appeal where we will focus each week on one of our core values:  

Service, Worship, Evangelism, Christian, Stewardship, and Discipleship (Simply What Every Christian Should Do). Our appeal will culminate on Sunday, October 23 when we ask everyone to make a commitment to these core values. The appeal is titled, Stewardship is Heart Work.

"By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another." John 13:35

Feed My Starving Children

Monday, September 26, 2022

25 Volunteer Spots are reserved for St. Luke's Lutheran Church on the 26th at 7:00 PM at the Chanhassen Feed My Starving Children site.

If you are willing to join us, please contact Craig Brandt so your name can be added to our roster. Please invite your children and friends to give them an opportunity to help others. The sooner you can make a commitment, the sooner more spaces will be added for volunteers.

Your hands are essential in the fight against world hunger. Contact Craig Brandt at, if you would like to volunteer.

Wednesday Night Live

Wednesday Night Live dinner is being served at 5:30 PM in the Fellowship Hall. Suggested donation $3.00, free for kindergarten or younger, $10.00 for a family of four or more. 

Children's Ministry, Confirmation, Adult Education, Preschool/Parent Ministry begins at 6:00 PM.

Dinner - pulled pork & corndogs

Mission Quilters Group

You can help us meet the goal of making 200 quilts for our 100th anniversary. Join us on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays at 9:00 - 11:00 AM

      Next meeting: September 24th

For more information: call Janet Lyson at 952-884-9475 or Diane Anderson for sewing at 952-888-4538.

Welcome New Members

Sunday, October 9, 2022 

For more information about becoming a member contact the office: 952-881-5801 or



Rain Garden

Nine Mile Creek Watershed has turned over the care of the rain garden to St. Luke’s. There are some plants that didn’t make it due to the dry stretch we had earlier this summer, and an erosion problem when we received heavier rains. The plants were replaced. Now it will be up to us to water them. The mulch was replaced and where the runoff first enters the rain garden with rock. This should slow the initial rush of water before it reaches the mulch.

We are looking for volunteer(s) to take over the care of the rain garden. Click here for a link to the training information from Nine Mile Creek.  

We are also looking to see if anyone has an old poly or steel sided cooler (no Styrofoam please) that is 50 quarts or larger. The intent is to use this to haul water to the new plantings in the rain garden. Each new plant needs ½ gallon of water per week. St. Luke’s has a sturdy wagon with pneumatic tires to carry the cooler. The cooler will need to fit inside a 23” x 46” footprint. Please call me (952-715-2819) if you are interested in donating a cooler.

The YCG is still meeting on Monday and Wednesday mornings 9:00ish to 12:00ish. There is always something to do!


Yard Care Group

The YCG is still meeting on Monday and Wednesday mornings 9:00ish to 12:00ish. There is always something to do!

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Prayer Requests

This Week

We continue to hold our family members and friends in prayer. We appreciate any updates you can provide

-Pray for a safe trip for the sailing crew.- Julie Schroeder

-Prayers that more people would join their voices with our choir members in praise and worship.

-Prayers for my friend who will deliver a baby in a few weeks and has had a difficult pregnancy - Julie Schroeder

-Prayers for our daughter-in-law's father who is in the hospital for diabetes and will have his toes if not his whole foot amputated - Greg & Diane Anderson

-Pray for FMSC, the volunteers who will be there next Monday and for those who provide moneys to buy the food that is packed - Craig Brandt

Continued prayers:

-Prayers for peace and comfort for Alex Hoffman in the death of his mother, Nancy. Alex is a friend of our son, Jon -Janet & Roger Lyson

-Please pray for peace in my personal life, work life and the world. Also, for a personal physical issue and safe travels on the roads and water - Julie Schroeder

--Ethan Glynn, of Bloomington, was injured at a football game on Friday.- Grochow family.

-Please pray educators working with student and families that have experienced trauma-Trudy Dahl

-Please pray for healing from my hernia surgery and that my job situation holds steady and I will be able to continue working for a few more years .- Carolyn Olsen

-Prayers for my brother, Gary, who had a kidney removed at Mayo on August 12. He is at home recovering before he starts chemo.- Judy Ludwigson

-Prayers of comfort for those who are struggling with new circumstances be it loss of a loved one, home or job. Let them know that they are loved and are not alone. Tomorrow will be a better day with Christ's blessing. - Bev Brosam

-Prayers for Judy Fawver as she battles a rare lung disease. - Jenean Fawver

-Prayers for my parents to continue positive health and live a long life. - Alfred

-Prayers for the people Liberia who live in such harsh conditions. May God bless their lands, families and communities. - Alfred

-Prayers for my friend's great-grandson, Arthur, he is home. Discernment for next steps to treat his cancer as well as healing for a broken leg. – Janet Lyson

-Prayers for my mother, Natsy, may she find healing and wholeness.- David Roudebush

-Prayers for my sister who is in the hospital with pneumonia and congestive heart failure. - Maddie Boyle

-Prayers for our neighbor and friend, Peggy, who suffered a stroke. - Judy Ludwigson

-Prayers for my brother, Jim, who was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. - Jane Nechville

-Prayers for Ron Minsaas who is recovering from pnemonia and is receiving therapy at St. Gert's Nursing home for trouble walking. - Rita Minsaas

-Please continue your healing prayers for our family members (my brother-in-law, Chuck; my nephew, Andrew; and Steve’s sister, Janis). We are forever grateful for your prayers. -  Judy Ludwigson

-Prayers for strength and healing for my cousin Sandra who has acute leukemia. - Pamela Trutnau

-Prayers for Pam Trutnau who has nerve pain in her arm and recovering from a fractured wrist.

-Prayers coveted for my family - Eric, Carl, Rita and Paul. - Rolf Shervey

-Prayers for strength and balance for our son, Michael. - Ron & Rita Minsaas

-My back is stable because of the prayers and my exercise regime! - Jane Ekerberg 

-Prayers for continued healing and renewed health for both Tom and me. Tom has a hard time breathing and goes to rehab for that. Ongoing prayers for health and medications that will help me with my pain management. - Jackie Wakely

Ongoing prayers…

-Prayers for people who suffer from mental illness and depression.

-Prayers for the fallen world and for the unbelievers to come to know Christ.

-Prayers for peace in heart, mind and soul for our leaders, our country and the world to come together in kindness, joyfulness, open mindedness and love, especially in Ukraine.

-Prayers for the poor and homeless.

-Prayerfully remember friends and family of those who have committed suicide. Acknowledge the pain that they felt and the pain they have left behind.

-Prayers for grandparents raising their grandchildren. Give them strength and insight to the needs of these children.

-Prayers for those lost, the weak, the arrogant, and all of us sinners to find and follow the wonderful gift we were given through Jesus.

-Prayers for healing for the sick especially those with Covid as the pandemic continues.

-Prayers for our deployed service men and women. 

-Prayers for those incarcerated in jail and prison to heal from past and find new life.

-Prayers for those uncertain in their faith to open their heart to the Lord.

-Prayers of thanksgiving for our wonderful congregation, for families and children to coming to St. Luke's in abundance and may all of the things we do (large and small) make the world a more loving and beautiful place.

To submit a prayer request, please contact the office: 952-881-5801 or


St. Luke's Lutheran Church

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Psalm 27:1

The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?

The LORD is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

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