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September 29, 2019
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    This year, I’m inviting men in relationships to join me on a journey with a specific purpose: to strengthen your connection with your wife or partner. Each week I will be sending those who sign up for, “Why Not,” a short text assignment instructing you in one thing/idea for how you can lean into your marriage, along with some words of encouragement. Guys, how about it? Why not?  
     Sign up is at Clipboard Central or by connecting with me directly. Note: only men may sign up!


       Please join us for a wonderful year of learning, songs and growing in our faith together, Sunday's, during the message.

Rooms and Teachers for 9/29:
Littles              K, 4K, 3 yr olds          Yellow Room                       Ms. Kally
Middles          1st & 2nd Graders      Blue Room                       Ms. Brandi
Bigs                3rd & 4th Graders      Garage                       Ms. Jenn

Special JAM Days in October:

Oct 6:   Jammies with Jesus (wear your jammies to church)
Oct 13: Jammin with Jesus (song and memory verse)
Oct 31: Halloween party (wear your costumes for
              parade and Trunk or Treat) 

Camp Noah
         Camp Noah is a locally hosted event for elementary-age children whose communities have been impacted by disaster. Camp Noah provides a safe, caring and fun environment where children build resiliency skills within the familiarity of their own communities, using a proven curriculum designed to help children process their disaster and/or trauma experience through creative activities and play.
       Camp Noah celebrates every child as special. In this safe and supportive setting, children are encouraged to face their fears, grieve their losses, identify and share their unique gifts and talents, and plan for an amazing future.

      Join us for three and a half wonderful days of learning, crafts, fun, and food on October 23, 24, 25 and a half day on October
26 . Cameron Elementary students do not have school those days.
     We are also looking for volunteers that would like to help us make Camp a wonderful experience. All materials and curriculum is provided.  

September Mission
Children's Ministry: Gaga Pit
            The September Mission might aptly be re-named, ‘The September Miracle.’ What often happens when we make a plan and tell God? God laughs and says, ‘How about this, instead?’ Long story short: the children are getting a Gaga Pit, and the whole congregation gets to celebrate how the Holy Spirit continues doing amazing things with the people who are called Living Water. We can’t wait to share this wonderful story. God is good!
          Thanks to Coach Mike Neil from the RL Warriors baseball team for joining us this past week, as well as donating a genuine major league baseball as part of our morning ‘gear giveaway.’ Wednesday morning for Week Four of Red Zone, we welcome Mr. Troy Lavallie, head boys basketball coach for the Cameron Comets. 
     Middle School students – see you this Wednesday at 7:15 am sharp! Contact Pr. Ned with questions:
         Regular CORE night at Living Water for our middle school kids! Take the bus to North Star Academy after school on Wednesday and then walk over to the 411 building.
Pick up at 5pm. 

     Please contact Michelle with any questions at    See you soon!   
      High School EPIC students - we are meeting this week on Wednesday from 6:30-8pm at Living Water. Dinner provided!

    There’s still time to sign-up for CORE, so encourage your friends. Click on this registration link or go to the LW App.  

Cleaning Teams Needed
     "Many hands make light work!” 
      Here at Living Water, there’s a place for everyone to share their strengths and talents, and in working together we can easily keep our church clean, well-stocked, maintained and beautiful. This includes weekly cleaning and upkeep of the 411 building. Please consider signing up – this is a small, but very important way that you can help serve others!                            
       We recommend signing up as a team of at least 2 families, as this makes the workload lighter, but this is not required . Cleaning times are flexible – you can clean anytime between Thursday morning & Saturday evening. Instructions and key are provided – thank you for being Living Water!
   Check out Clipboard Central for more details!

        The Blue JAM room needs some TLC. If you’re handy with a paint brush and can do a little touch up we need you! Please contact Julie Emerson at:

      Want to know who someone is from Living Water? Wondering how to get connected with another LW Ministry Partner? To get started using Breeze, LW’s digital directory, simply send us an email at:
     Once we hear from you, we’ll reply with instructions on how to proceed. This will help prevent duplicate entries and make the process as smooth as possible.
       Note: download the app and have all of Living Water at your fingertips, wherever you go!

Dr. Jim & Carolyn Brown: 
Update from Cameroon
         Note: the following is our latest communication from the Browns, our missionaries serving the people of Cameroon at Mbingo Baptist Hospital.  

Dear Living Water,
    We have had almost two years of regional conflict and there is no end in sight, although at the moment the fighting is somewhat less and we have had no fighting in our immediate area around Mbingo for several months………Click here to continue..
PFC Brandon Kurshinsky – Congratulations! 
         Good news! PFC Brandon Kurshinsky has successfully graduated from Army Basic Training and he’d LOVE to hear from you! Please send your words of encouragement & support to the following address (letters only):

PFC Kurshinsky, Brandon
194 th Armored Brigade
C Troop 50-15 Cav 2 nd PLT
Ft. Benning, GA 31905

Budgeted YTD:
Actual received: 
$115 ,065.38